Lena & Vanessa’s confrontation scenes

Pinoy teleserye enthusiasts who love deliciously entertaining confrontation scenes have found their new fighter in Magda/Lena (Erich Gonzales) from Kapamilya series La Vida Lena. The femme fatale fears no one, not even Vanessa (Agot Isidro), who is bent on making her life a living nightmare. Check out some of their fiercest confrontation scenes in this Kapamilya Toplist.

What viewers enjoy most about Lena and Vanessa’s face-off scenes is the witty exchange. And the more Lena delivers sparkling dialogues, the more Vanessa is annoyed. In a scene, the Royal Wellness owner went to Lena, then-called Magda, and her Lolo Dado (Soliman Cruz)’s small house to offer them five million pesos in exchange for Magda’s magic soap formula.

“We will leave it po at leave na din po kayo,” Magda rejected the offer. With a wounded ego, Vanessa mocked the barrio girl, calling her wise and cunning. She said Lena has a price. The truth is Lena didn’t care about the offer, more so what Vanessa thought of her.

The next round of female war involved bees, influence and power. Vanessa sent Lola Dado to jail after she was attacked by bees at the Mendozas’ territory. She feigned drama, saying someone has to pay for her emotional and psychological distress as well as a minor allergic reaction. Magda clapped back, “Kinagat po kayo ng bubuyog dahil napakapasaway ninyo. Isa pa, antihistamine lang ang katapat niyan, hindi ang negosyo namin. Tigilan n’yo na po ‘yang pagda-drama, hindi naman nakakaiyak!”

Vanessa went as far as destroying the livelihood of the entire town by poisoning the crops. She thought it would tug at Magda’s conscience and convince her to sell her soap recipe. But Magda didn’t. It just led to another confrontation at Vanessa’s office. Magda told her to spare innocent people, especially her Lolo Dado. What she didn’t realize was she’s hinting about her biggest weakness, her beloved grandfather. Soon Lolo Dado died and Magda suffered more because of the Narcisos.

Magda rose from the ashes even more gorgeous and powerful. The much-awaited reunion finally happened at the Narciso abode when Adrian (JC De Vera) gathered his family to introduce his girlfriend, no other than Magda, now Lena.

Lena low-key provoked her enemies by hinting at her past with Miguel (Kit Thompson). Rachel (Sofia Andres) freaked out upon learning that her husband, Miguel, and Lena had a child. Tables have turned. In the succeeding confrontations, Lena had the upper hand.

Lena now goes to war prepared. But most of the time, Vanessa does the chasing, always the first one to attack her enemy without a battle plan. In a scene, Vanessa stormed to Lena’s office and found the latter holding an envelope that contains evidence about her dark secret. She played innocent and cool until Lena spilled that she knows Conrad (Christian Vasquez) is Adrian’s father. Vanessa was so annoyed, much to Lena and the viewers’ satisfaction.

Also making it to this list is the scene where Lena confronted Vanessa about her mother, Helen (Isay Alvarez). According to Lena, Vanessa locked a then-pregnant Helen in a chemical storage room. The exposure to toxins harmed the child in Helen’s womb, hence, the big scar on Lena’s face. Then again, Vanessa could deny all she wants.

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