Sofia La Vida Lena motherhood Erich vlog

Their characters Magda and Rachel may be stiff rivals in the well-loved primetime series La Vida Lena, but actresses Erich Gonzales and Sofia Andrea apparently have a tight bond off-cam, as seen in this vlog of the former wherein she had the rare opportunity to have a heart-to-heart talk with the latter during their lock-in taping.

Their fun yet insightful chikahan started with Erich asking Sofia how it has been playing the role of a rude and annoying kontrabida, who never fails to irk the viewers every night. While being an antagonist isn’t new to her anymore since she already did it in the 2014 teleserye Forevermore, wherein she was the third party for Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil’s characters, she finds portraying Rachel still challenging.

But what really got her initially worried was working with Erich since this is their first time to work with one another. She confessed asking their mutual friend Janella Salvador if her co-star is kind, to which Erich disclosed that she actually jestingly told Janella to tell Sofia that she’s a “monster”.

“First eksena natin, you’re super galing ah,” Erich told Sofia. “Character-wise talagang you really study your character, your lines. You’re super good. Sinabi ko na ‘yan sa’yo e.”

The two actresses’ conversation eventually veered to Sofia’s personal life, wherein she was asked regarding being picky with people she befriends.

“I’m very picky. Kasi I’ve experienced a lot of things with other people in the past. Parang along the way, na-realize ko na may mga taong dapat nawawala kasi sayang ‘yong energy, sayang ‘yong time, sayang ‘yong effort,” the 22-year-old actress explained. As Erich mentioned “energy vampires,” or people who suck one’s energy, she agreed and further expounded that choosing who to be with actually enables her to recharge and not lose herself.

As motherhood changed the dynamics of her life, this has also allowed her to determine who her truest friends are in showbiz, namely Kathryn Bernardo and Janella Salvador.

Sofia then enthusiastically talked about her relationship with her beloved boyfriend Daniel Miranda, by reminiscing the very first moment that their paths crossed in 2015 at a club in Taguig City. She was with her friends then when Daniel’s cousin approached her to say that Daniel found her pretty. Not aware that she’s a celebrity, he took a photo with her, waited for her until she went home at 3 AM, and offered her water instead of alcohol since she was already a bit tipsy during that time.

Giving away her real personal number wasn’t actually her nature. But for a strange instance, she gave hers to him without any hesitation. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Even though Daniel never had any girlfriend before her and is her total opposite when it comes to their personalities, they still amazingly clicked and complement one another. Thus, she’s very thankful to him for helping her further know more about herself and introducing her to things that she never tried doing yet. She also regarded how effortless her relationship is with him compared to the past romances she had as she doesn’t have to push herself too much nor exert much effort.

Like most girls, the young actress also dreams of getting married. Although she and Daniel used to talk about it, they just simply don’t want to rush things at the moment since both of them are still young. She also begs to disagree to the notion, especially of conservative, old people, that a couple should automatically get married once they have a kid.

“’Yon na nga, it’s unplanned. But I think this time, it’s better for us to plan things para hindi kami nawawala sa path na gusto namin,” Sofia said. “Saka kapag kunwari sasabihin namin na ‘may anak kami e, so magpapakasal kami’. Hindi e. Magpapakasal kami kasi gusto namin pareho, mahal namin ang isa’t isa and we don’t wanna leave each other. And we don’t wanna ruin the relationship. We want to last forever.”

Furthermore, she also spoke on how having their firstborn Zoey has completely changed their relationship. According to her, both of them used to be aggressive and so immature, but they’ve now improved. However, she confessed being an overthinker and the jealous-type of person who sometimes check the phone of Daniel, to which he never reacted violently.  

When asked if she would allow Zoey to enter show business, the young mom expressed that as much as she wanted her not to in order to spare her from the negative things she experienced in the past, she will support her daughter once she decides to follow her path in the future.

The interview wrapped up with Erich asking her guest to impart that greatest lesson she has learned from everything she went through in life. She told the host how much she fully understands her parents now that she’s already a mom. Her past actions may have been selfish that led her to having her own family at a young age, but she’s still grateful and blessed that Zoey came into her life.

Parang ‘yong pagiging mom ko, parang meant to be talaga. Kasi no’ng nalaman ko na magiging mommy na ako, hindi ako umiyak, hindi ako nag-freak out, hindi ako natakot,” she said.

Then she added, “Ang galing ni God kasi ginawa niya talaga ‘to for something. Like meron talagang reason. Pinalakas niya ako sa lahat ng pinagdaanan ko – relationship, work, family problems. Natutunan ko rin kung paano i-appreciate lahat ng mga tao sa paligid ko. Kasi dati, I just do whatever I want. I don’t care about anyone.”

Her present has also made her realize all her wrongdoings in the past, as well as molded her into who she is now. Besides, learning to choose the people who you would want to surround yourself with is indeed necessary as they could affect who you are going to be.

With regards to her future plans, Sofia divulged that she’s actually planning to take a break from showbiz after La Vida Lena in order to focus on taking good care of Baby Zoey, to finish college, and to take on a different job outside the industry.

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