Erich and Carlo talk about working together

Avid viewers of La Vida Lena indeed couldn’t help but notice and get kilig with the unmistakable chemistry of Erich Gonzales and Carlo Aquino as they impeccably play the role of best friends Magda and Jordan.

And last March during their lock-in taping, the beautiful and fierce leading lady had the rare chance to have a one-on-one chat with one of her dashing leading men, which she uploaded on her YouTube channel to share to everyone.

She started off by quizzing him about the things he usually does when he’s not at work. According to him, he spends his days-off by playing the video game Call of Duty (or COD), having rides with his motorcycle or bike, and taking care of his adorable baby girl Enola Mithi.

Their casual conversation then veered to his showbiz career that has already spanned more than two decades by recounting some of the films he did as a young actor. Carlo even heeded to Erich’s request for him to give a sample of his iconic line “Akala mo lang wala. Pero meron, meron, meron!” that he delivered so well in the 1998 Chito S. Roño film “Bata, Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa?” He also expressed his yearning to see his extraterrestrial friend Kokey.

When asked if it did ever cross his mind to quit showbiz, he confessed that he actually did. “Oo. Kasi may time na wala akong masyadong ginagawa. Walang masyadong project or may project pero mga indie. E siyempre kapag mga gano’n, hindi naman gano’n kaganda ‘yong talent fee,” he explained, further saying that it was because he had to provide for the family. He also thought of going back to school to continue his studies then go abroad, but that didn’t push through since he was bestowed a slew of projects in the recent years.

The two then went on to recall their first scene together in La Vida Lena, which was the “slow-mo” moment wherein Jordan was teasing Magda, as well as their heavy scenes that allowed them to witness one another’s dramatic chops firsthand.

Erich began to shower him with praises because of how he could amazingly evoke his emotions without having to say a single word, as well as asked him regarding his mannerism of punching his palm every time he commits mistake. They later on expressed their wish to star in a another teleserye or movie together.

Carlo then had his turn to ask a question to the actress, which was about her reaction upon finding out that she’s going to work with him. They may not have immediately clicked, but the 30-year-old actress conveyed how honored she is for the opportunity to work with a “legend”. He acclaimed her back by saying how much he admires her acting prowess.

As Erich quizzed him regarding his experience as a first-time father, he told her that it’s a dream come true for him to have a child of his own since he’s so fond of kids. Mithi’s arrival indeed changed him so much, particularly his temper as he became more patient. When it comes to how he is as a dad, he disclosed that he is the type who would let his daughter explore the world and learn on her own.

The 35-year-old award-winning actor also willingly talked about his partner, Trina Candaza, and shared how their love story began. According to him, they met at a motor show wherein she’s one of the models He approached her as he got captivated by her eyes and even requested to take a photo with her. He searched for her on Facebook since he personally knows her sister and they incessantly chatted. Their communication halted for quite some time, but he couldn’t take her off his mind so he finally pursued her when they met again.

When asked what his dream is for his family, Carlo revealed that it’s for them to be genuinely happy and to have their own dream home. For himself, meanwhile, he only wants to act until he could, pointing at the late Eddie Garcia as his ultimate inspiration.

The interview wrapped up with Erich recounting how Carlo used to be so untouchable during the first round of their lock-in taping as he tended to stay inside his room. But as soon as his warm-up stage was over, he surprised everyone with how energetic he could be.

Watch this video to see everything that happened in Erich’s sit-down interview with Carlo! You may catch them in La Vida Lena, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live and A2Z.