9 scenes of Erich Gonzales and Sofia Andres’ fierce rivalry in La Vida Lena

Erich Gonzales and Sofia Andres set primetime on fire as they battle over who’s the fairest and better lover between them in the revenge-drama series La Vida Lena. We know you can’t get enough of their face-off scenes, so we rounded up 9 of the most deliciously entertaining via this Kapamilya Toplist.

The teleserye is well-loved for its sparkling dialogues and Lena (Erich)’s satisfying ability to annoy her nemesis by playing cool. Rising from the ashes, Lena made a comeback so savage the Narcisos and Suarezes freaked out upon seeing her in the flesh.

She surprised everybody by coming to the Narciso abode as Adrian (JC De Vera)’s girlfriend. Her presence alone was already too much to handle, more so the discussion about her past relationship and child with Miguel (Kit Thompson), which totally annoyed the latter’s wife, Rachel (Sofia). Lena smiled in satisfaction as Rachel and Miguel fought in front of everybody.

In the next scene, Rachel rushed to Lena’s house thinking the latter would be sneaking off with her husband. Lena dominated with the best retorts, saying it’s not her fault if Miguel never stopped wanting her. Then both women exploded in anger. When Miguel arrived to break the intense hair-pulling, Lena played the victim and asked Miguel to control his wife. Another round of fights followed, this time between the couple.

Lena sure knows how to control the game by taking advantage of Miguel’s weakness as a man. The temptress went to his room asking for peace and forgiveness from all the trouble she caused. She embraced him, but not without leaving the door open so Rachel can easily catch them. And as planned, Rachel’s jealousy was triggered. She started a fight but ended up losing.

When Rachel made a scene by calling Lena a mistress, the latter slammed her rival with blazing mockery. Lena said she will never fall for someone like Miguel. While it wasn’t intended for her, the insult burned Rachel’s ego as well.

Rachel wouldn’t mind taking their dirty linen in public as long as she gets her revenge on Lena, but of course, the latter won’t let her win. There was a scene where Adrian (JC De Vera) confronted Lena for her deceit. Seething with anger, he said he’s been thinking of ways to kill her. Then Rachel got in the mix to open up about Lena’s big facial scar. Lena clapped back, pointing out that she had a child with Miguel, something that Rachel couldn’t give.  

Keeping her enemies close, Lena moved in the same building where Rachel and Miguel live. Rachel was furious when she met her new neighbor, leading to a feisty confrontation by the pool. There was also a scene where Miguel met with Lena at the pool area to return her phone. Seeing Rachel coming, Lena flirted a bit with Miguel and they both fell into the pool. Rachel jumped into the waters, never mind the heels and dress, to attack Lena.

The war got more intense when Rachel caught Lena and Miguel in the act of lovemaking. The furious wife flew at both offenders. But Miguel arrogantly blamed Rachel, telling her she was the first one to cheat. Meanwhile, Lena was happy to watch Rachel in doom, not even a bit ashamed of what she did. Then she walked out of the couple’s room like nothing happened. 

In the final scene, Lena called Rachel desperate for using suicidal tendencies to manipulate Miguel. Rachel confidently declared her victory but Lena wasn’t even convinced.

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