8 times Vanessa and Conrad combined their wickedness to bring Lena down in La Vida Lena

With all the broken dreams she managed to repair and her never-ending fighting spirit, we all want Lena (Erich Gonzales) to prevail and drag her enemies to downfall. But that wouldn’t be easy. As we see it, Lena’s rivals are just as cunning, determined, and even more evil. There’s Vanessa (Agot Isidro), one of the ultimate kontrabidas in her life who found an equally influential ally in Conrad (Christian Vasquez).

Together, Vanessa and Conrad will stop at nothing until they bring Lena down, bent on protecting a dark secret that Lena might expose at any moment. Check out the partners in crime working against Lena in this Kapamilya Toplist from La Vida Lena.

Vanessa is pretty much close with Conrad since the beginning. He’s her go-to person when her schemes start to look hazy. He was the first person to know her hunches about Lena’s pregnancy and together, they worked on checking all the hospitals in the fictitious town of Salvacion to verify if there’s really a bun in the oven.

Why do they fight side by side, you might think.  The answer is all about Adrian (JC De Vera), their son who Lukas (Raymond Bagatsing) believes is his own. The ever-cunning Lena discovered that Vanessa and Conrad cheated on Lukas, and Adrian is the product.  With this precious information at Lena’s hand, Vanessa and Conrad have to be extra careful with their actions. One wrong move and Lena might be triggered to drop the truth bomb. And they know it might destroy Conrad’s political career, crush Adrian’s future as the only Narciso heir, and take Vanessa’s social powers.

The two often meet in secret to discuss their game plan to just keep quiet and let Lena have the momentum as they get rid of all the evidence onward. They vow to get their revenge but not until they’re safe.

Lena hacked their online accounts one time, meaning she got access to their conversations about their ploy and secrets. What Vanessa and Conrad did was hire a computer expert and moved as fast as they could to delete everything.

There was also a scene where they talked about their connection to Helen Mendoza, Lena’s mother who worked at Conrad’s company, as if there’s something to be scared of. Then, they discussed Lena’s request to be introduced as Conrad’s daughter during a special event for Adrian. They noticed there’s something fishy in the way Lena tries to manipulate Conrad.

Surely, the odds were against them and desperate times call for desperate measures. Vanessa and Conrad brainstormed for the next plot, as the latter suggested, to get rid of Lukas. Conrad said their lives would be easier if Lukas is already gone and that Vanessa has nothing to be scared of because he can also provide everything she gets from Lukas. For Vanessa, however, murdering her own husband will only make it complicated. Besides, she loves Lukas for real.

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