8 scenes that will make you fall in love with Rambo and Allison’s tandem in La Vida Lena

As the plot thickens in La Vida Lena, every character will sort of face their predicament. In the case of Rambo (Renshi De Guzman) and Allison (Danica Ontengco), their friendship continues to be full of sham and secrets. Nonetheless, viewers love to see them together because of their refreshing chemistry, shown in this Kapamilya Toplist from the trending revenge-drama series.  

Rambo thought of Allison as a thief during their first meeting. He saw her using a high-end mobile phone, which didn’t seem to match her dirty clothes. Unknown to Rambo, Allison is from the wealthy Suarez clan.

It was Rambo’s fault that he didn’t let Allison speak. But even if he did, he probably won’t believe her explanation. So he lectured her about honesty, telling her to stop stealing as it might only lead her to a dark path. He knew because he’s been there. Allison found it hilarious that she’s mistaken for  a poor girl but the instant connection with Rambo pushed her to continue pretending. For her, it felt so thrilling to be treated ordinary.

In their next accidental meeting, he gave her a bible and lectured anew about God’s word. In that conversation, Allison discovered that Rambo used to be a delinquent. Soon he met Jordan (Carlo Aquino)’s family, who instilled the right values in him. When he was still living in the streets, there was a priest who used to teach him God’s word, and that’s where he got the bible.

Their meetings became more frequent, usually dates in his favorite food park. There was a scene where Allison had to escape from her driver-bodyguard, so she accidentally threw the street food Rambo gave her.

When they met again, Rambo opened up about what happened in a manner so charming. He would never run out of lectures about good behavior. This time, he talked about not wasting food. It was so cute how Allison’s simple ‘sorry’ was more than enough for him. He’s obviously smitten.

In the next scene, Allison opened up to her sister Rachel (Sofia Andres), who told her to stop seeing Rambo. While Allison was problematic about her next ‘date,’ Rambo can’t stop thinking of her as well.

Due to a medical emergency, Allison rushed to her grandma’s house without changing her clothes into something more simple. She was close to getting caught when Jordan and Rambo walked around the area while discussing the latter’s confusing feelings for her. Allison got inside the car, leaving Rambo puzzled. He caught a glimpse of her but he wasn’t really sure.

In their next meeting, Allison denied that she rode a car. Rambo would easily buy her words. And they ended up snacking together. She stopped him before he was able to leave, asking if he would still want to exchange mobile numbers.

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