5 times Sofia Andres infuriated us with her kontrabida acts as Rachel in La Vida Lena

ABS-CBN star Sofia Andres is back on primetime, this time playing the evil Narciso heiress and Magda (Erich Gonzales)’s rival, Rachel, in the teleserye La Vida Lena. It has been barely two weeks since the series’ premiere on free TV but Sofia is already giving us millions of reasons to hate her character. Here’s a Friday 5 feature of her most wicked kontrabida acts, so far, as she makes Magda’s life a living nightmare. 

Rachel would exude infuriating Queen Bee vibes by her first appearance. She easily sashayed in the school cafeteria as if she owned the place and the students followed her like worshipping minions, except for Magda, who was busy studying.

Quite offended and just plain evil, Rachel made sure to get Magda’s attention by pouring orange juice on the latter’s book. Still not satisfied, she pointed out the scar on Magda’s face by calling her names and asked her to buy her drinks. But your girl Magda is not one to raise the white flag. She returned the mockery in a clever fashion – by priding herself on being the top student. Bullying and discrimination will never crush her grit. 

Rachel vowed no one ever gets to outshine her. But that wasn’t the case when they saw Magda’s name on top of the honor roll. Rachel was behind. We know kontrabidas can’t handle defeat with grace. So it was quite expected of Rachel to get her little act of revenge. We just didn’t foresee how brutal it would get. Rachel and her squad covered Magda’s face with a sack and beat her up inside the ladies’ room.

The next scene is set during their graduation ball. Rachel’s group blocked Magda and Jordan (Carlo Aquino) at the entrance to provoke and drive them off. Jordan was ready to fight back against the bullies but Magda refused to stoop down. 

The most hurtful for our heroine, thus far, is when Rachel managed to steal the valedictory award through her family’s power and influence. Magda and her family expected her name to be announced but Rachel’s name was called instead. Poor Magda couldn’t do anything but cry while Rachel savors her fake victory. 

The rivalry doesn’t end in school because wherever they go, Rachel is determined to bring Magda to hell. In a scene, the two battled it out in selling their soap products. Magda’s magic soap is promising but Rachel knows how to scare Magda’s potential customers by pointing out her scarred face. Although Magda refuses to let criticisms break her fighting spirit, Rachel’s societal powers can do so much. 

We know you anticipate the day Rachel finally gets a taste of her own medicine. So be sure to catch the next happenings in your newest favorite Kapamilya series, La Vida Lena, 10 pm, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.