5 times Rachel attacked Lena Friday 5

A little jealousy can be healthy but too much can be toxic and deadly. Lena (Erich Gonzales) knows this too well, thus the plan to seduce Miguel (Kit Thompson) and wreak havoc on his relationship with Rachel (Sofia Andres). The strategy turns out to be effective as Rachel often feels awful to the point of attacking Lena, and even her own husband, shown in this Friday 5 feature from Kapamilya revenge-drama series La Vida Lena.

The montage opens with Rachel rushing to Lena’s house, thinking the latter will be sneaking off with her husband. Lena dominated the war of words, telling her opponent, “Hindi ko kasalanan kung hanggang ngayon, hindi ako makalimutan ng asawa mo.” Then both women exploded in anger. When Miguel arrived to break the intense hair-pulling, Lena played the victim card and asked Miguel to control his wife. Another round of fights followed, this time between Rachel and Miguel.

In the next scene, Lena went to Miguel’s condo unit to seduce him. She said she wanted peace and that she’s sorry for all the drama she unintentionally caused. Lena embraced Miguel, but not without leaving the door open, so Rachel would easily feel suspicious once she arrives.

In the next confrontation, Rachel called Lena ‘kabit’ or mistress despite Miguel’s explanation. But Lena wasn’t in the mood to play chill. Like a fire-breathing dragoness, she boldly insulted the couple. “Wala akong interes sa asawa mo. At kahit sa panaginip, hindi ko magagawang makipagrelasyon sa kanya. Sayo’ng sayo na ang asawa mo,” she told her long-time nemesis.

Rachel wouldn’t mind making a scene in public as long as she gets her revenge on Lena, but of course, the latter won’t let her win. There was a scene where Adrian (JC De Vera) confronted Lena for her deceit. Seething with anger, he said he’s been thinking of ways to kill her. Then Rachel got in the mix to spit out mockery about the big scar Lena used to have on her face.

Lena clapped back. She stressed that she had a child with Miguel, unlike Rachel, who couldn’t seem to bear one. “At ikaw? Baog! Walang silbi ang pagkababae mo. Hindi mo nga mabigyan ng anak ang asawa mo. Girl, naunahan pa kita!” she said to provoke her.

For Lena, the game is won by keeping her calm while watching her enemies fume with anger. Her next ploy was to move into the same building where Rachel and Miguel live. She had to act innocent, of course, and pretend that it was just all coincidence.

Rachel was furious when she found out, leading to a feisty pool scene. She spitted venom to her rival and asked her to leave. But Lena wasn’t scared. She didn’t back off in high school, so there’s no reason to be threatened now that she’s more gorgeous and wiser than ever. “I’m here to stay,” Lena confidently declared.

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