5 times Lena unknowingly cared for her father Lukas in La Vida Lena

Tables have turned in La Vida Lena as Lukas (Raymond Bagatsing) begins needing the help of his enemy, Lena (Erich Gonzales), who turns out to be his only daughter. Lena takes advantage of the revelations and Lukas’ desperate needs – just for her own revenge. But maybe her actions are saying something else as people around her start to notice. Is she softening up her heart for her biological father? Check out this Friday 5 feature from the hit drama series.  

After Ramona (Janice De Belen) threw the curveball at a party, Lukas conducted his own DNA test to verify her claims. The results confirm that Lena, his biggest adversary, is his own flesh and blood. The two, however, decided to remain enemies. Lena had more reasons to despise Lukas when he blandly called her an accident and said he never loved her mother. She may flaunt her usual façade that’s feisty and strong but she was obviously hurt by her fathers’ heartless statements.

The next scene witnessed Lena and Lukas in a vehicular accident. The collision left her with minor impact, thus she was able to regain consciousness and call for rescue. The panic in Lena’s actions was a clear giveaway of her concern for her dad.

In the hospital, Lukas thanked Lena for saving his life. He knew he could’ve died on impact if it weren’t for Lena’s help and quick thinking. Not wanting to appear soft, Lena easily dismissed the sentimentality and said she’d do the same to anyone in need.

Lena welcomed Lukas home. Asked why she’s choosing to stay, Lena simply asked Lukas if he is willing to voluntarily surrender so he and Vanessa (Agot Isidro) could pay for their wickedness. He remained silent. She knew what it meant. Thus, her decision to stay a bit longer until Lukas is finally enlightened.

Despite the sour words, Lena unconsciously displays genuine care in her actions. There was a scene where she helped Lukas open a bottle of wine even if he refused. She sliced his food over breakfast. She offered him assistance with standing and walking.

Lena told Lukas that she knows how awful it is to be alone, that's why she’s not leaving him until he’s fully recovered. At the M&R headquarters, Ramona and Martina (Malou Crisologo) noticed Lena has been absent for three days. Betchay (Hasna Cabral) informed them that Lena will arrive late due to tending to Lukas’ needs. The doctors exchanged glances, worried that a change of heart may be in the cards.   

Lena assured Ramona of her allegiance to their vengeful plans. Let’s see what happens in the coming episodes of La Vida Lena, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.