5 times Erich Gonzales mesmerized viewers with her explosive acting in La Vida Lena

With her divine talent, Erich Gonzales breathed life to one of primetime’s most remarkable women to date.  Her performance as Magda/Lena in the revenge-drama seriesLa Vida Lena was full of emotions so palpable we’re easily drawn to the character. As La Vida Lena “The Final Rampa” airs tonight, let us revisit 5 of Erich’s shining moments in the teleserye via this Friday 5 feature.

One of Erich’s strengths as an actress is her ability to create pain that resonates with the viewers. We felt the pang of betrayal in that scene wherein she discovered Miguel (Kit Thompson)’s connection with the Narcisos. Rachel (Sofia Andres) joined the confrontation to reveal she’s Miguel’s girlfriend. Then, Vanessa (Agot Isidro), Lukas (Raymond Bagatsing), and Conrad (Christian Vasquez) got into the mix to speak insults.  Poor Magda realized she’s been played for her magic soap formula. Her tears were refreshingly honest as she lamented falling for the wrong man. Then, headstrong yet frail, she vowed to make her enemies pay.

Viewers we’re trapped in Magda’s agonizing world when she lost her baby due to food poisoning plotted by the Narcisos. Set in the hospital, Magda wanted to know her child’s condition.  Jordan (Carlo Aquino), keeping Magda close, broke the news that her baby didn’t survive. Magda drowned in inconceivable pain; her innocence was deeply heartbreaking. Erich perfectly captured the anguish of a mother who just lost the precious chance to see her child in the flesh. She tore viewers’ hearts into pieces.

The Kapamilya actress is more powerful as Lena, combining pain and power like in that scene where she learned that Conrad faked their DNA Test Results. She realized Conrad deceived her to keep his affair with Vanessa and relation to Adrian a secret. She was hurt and furious at the same time. And the way she declared war against her enemies was beastly. Anger was burning in Erich’s eyes.

Another heartbreaking scene in the teleserye witnessed the friendship breakup between Lena and Jordan. She learned that Jordan crossed over to Lukas’ camp. Although Jordan explained that it’s part of a bigger plan to help in Lena’s crusade for justice, his decision didn’t sit well with Lena. The conversation was harrowing in the beginning, then, it turned a little ‘kilig’ when Jordan confessed his feelings for Lena. But it circled back to sadness as Lena rejected her best friend. It can’t be denied that Carlo’s star also added luster to that of Erich.

The montage ends with Lena looking back on the sufferings she went through, beginning with the arson that led to Lolo Dado (Soliman Cruz)’s death. Her scene at the morgue turned into a complete masterpiece as she grieved over her grandpa’s lifeless body. Her pain looked so real it was hard not to cry with her. Then, she remembered the moment she lost her baby. Back to the present time, Lena faced Lukas, her biological father, and asked if he’d be willing to turn himself over to the authorities so he and Vanessa could pay for their crimes. If not, she’ll do everything to see him rot in jail.

You’d surely give Erich a standing ovation as she takes her final “rampa” as Magdalena Mendoza tonight in La Vida Lena on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.