5 times Adrian gave in to Lena’s temptation in La Vida Lena

They say that to win a battle, one must understand the enemy’s vulnerabilities and turn them into power. That way, the opponent will not realize he’s already letting his guard down, opening portals for defeat. Smart girl Lena (Erich Gonzales) sure learned the art of war as she successfully wraps the Narciso scion, Adrian (JC De Vera), around her finger by taking advantage of his weakness in women, shown in this Friday 5 feature from the teleserye La Vida Lena.

Adrian’s world stopped the first time she saw Lena in his favorite casino, as if he saw the sun come in. Not like other girls that he can easily get, Lena is different. She’s smart, defiant at first but an irresistible tease. He approached her to ask what she likes. She said she wanted ‘sex on the beach,’ which Adrian didn’t realize was a name of a cocktail drink. Adrian was dumbfounded, utterly mesmerized in no time.

They played poker on the same night. Adrian’s usual womanizing tactics didn’t have an effect on Lena, who seemed like an expert in the science of sexy. She was playing hard to get yet enthusiastic and giving Adrian signs that she was interested in him. He had never met a girl like that and her game was driving him crazy, so much he started to think there was something up her sleeve.

In the next scene, Adrian called Lena a spy. He was oblivious that Lena intended to appear that way so it can lead them to conversations about Royal Wellness. He was also surprised when Lena showed no interest after he mentioned Lukas (Raymond Bagatsing) and Vanessa (Agot Isidro)’s names.

Later on, he would start to open up more about family matters – his insecurities over Miguel (Kit Thompson) and Vanessa’s closeness and being the less effective protégé. The more Adrian opens the book, the more Lena takes a clearer peek into the fragile sides of the Narcisos. He didn’t notice that he was getting too drunk, so Lena had the chance to execute her plan.

Adrian woke up in a hotel room. He smiled at the sight of Lena bringing in his breakfast. He said he was too drunk to remember what happened. It worked on Lena’s advantage to tease Adrian again, just enough to keep him asking for more.

Lena and her team studied Adrian well. They knew how he liked the idea of winning, being taken care of and listened to. That’s why Lena and Jordan (Carlo Aquino) acted sweet in front of Adrian, so the latter would feel like he’s in a big competition. But after the tease, Lena must assure Adrian that he is the winner.

In the last scene, she cooked his favorite dish for him and spent the night just listening to his frustrations. Her actions made Adrian weak in the knees. And without him knowing, he’s already trapped in Lena’s schemes.

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