5 confrontations with fiery, savage quotes in La Vida Lena

Besides its gripping plot and brilliant cast ensemble, Kapamilya teleserye La Vida Lena is loved for its savage quotes. Whether it’s about love, revenge, and beauty, the show’s characters always have something meaty and remarkable to say.

This Friday 5 feature opens with a fierce campus confrontation between Magda (Erich Gonzales) and Rachel (Sofia Andres). In the school cafeteria, Rachel sashayed everyone like the queen bee that she is but Magda didn’t want to bow down to her.

When asked to leave the cafeteria, Magda confidently clapped back at her rival, “Kung may problema ka sa mukha ko, ako naman may problema sa ugali mo.” Burn! The evil Rachel tried to recover, “Umarte ka nang naaayon sa ganda.” Well, that was a wrong move because Magda didn’t really care about what people said about the scar on her face, not when someone’s looking.

The next round happened still in campus after the graduation rites. Magda was mocked for losing the valedictory award to Rachel. To defend herself, she breathed out the lines, “Hindi baleng pangit ang mukha. Huwag lang pangit ang ugali.” Knowing that Rachel bagged the highest honor due to her family’s influence, Magda felt robbed and she decided to take a little revenge by exploding ketchup on Rachel’s dress.

Magda found redemption through the help of Ramona (Janice De Belen), who removed the scar on her face and helped her take on a new identity as Lena. Now more beautiful than ever, Lena has become more confident to face her enemies, even Vanessa (Agot Isidro), and exchange scathing lines with them.

In a scene at the Narciso mansion, Vanessa and Lukas (Raymond Bagatsing) were shocked to find out that Lena is Adrian (JC De Vera)’s girlfriend, leading to a word war. Lena was called names including ‘makati’ and other words insulting the female ego. But Lena wasn’t affected. She even had the composure to say that Vanessa may be talking from experience. Then, she added, “Hindi ko kasalanan na nahumaling siya sa akin,” pointing at Miguel (Kit Thompson) and Adrian.

In that same confrontation, Rachel found out that her current beau, Miguel, had a lovechild with Lena. Vanessa dismissed that trope, saying it won’t matter anymore because the child died due to miscarriage. Lena maintained that the baby was killed and that however they try to push her away, she will remain a part of the Narciso family because she’s pregnant with Adrian’s child.

There has to be a deliciously entertaining reunion for Ramona and Vanessa as well. During the launch of M&R’s Satin Dreams, Ramona irked Vanessa by pointing out the latter’s weakness which is physical beauty. She told her, “Lately, mukhang napapabayaan mo na ang sarili mo. Gamitin mo naman kasi ‘yung sabon mo para mabawasan ang pagiging haggard mo.”

For someone who glories beauty, being called haggard would make Vanessa lose her flair. She answered back, “Hindi ako haggard. Wala ka lang taste at wala kang modo.” Ramona called her “Sinungaling!” Vanessa replied, “Kriminal!” Ramona won that round by calling her enemy “retokada!”

Ramona’s friend Martina (Malou Crisologo) seems to have learned from the best as she also engages in word wars with the Narcisos. There was a scene where Vanessa and Lukas mocked Martina for buying the side of newbies.

The conversation pivoted to how the Narcisos forced Martina to do bad things for their company, so she told them, “Ang kalabaw na ito ang kumayod ng dalawang dekada para pagsilbihan kayo. Pero hindi na kaya ng konsensiya ko.” She also declared her plans to file charges against them. But, of course, Martina had to do it with flair, “Idedemanda ko nga pala kayo tutal trending ngayon ang makulong for slander.”

Watch out for more rounds of bitter confrontations and revenge in La Vida Lena, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.