Lena’s witty clapbacks in La Vida Lena

There are classic leading ladies who are feisty and unstoppable – exactly the image of a woman we need to keep us motivated today. One that recently gave us a headstrong mindset is Lena played by Kapamilya prime actress Erich Gonzales. And as the limitless woman sashays in her final “rampa,” let us look back on the many times she slayed with her killer dialogues via this Kapamilya Toplist from revenge-drama series La Vida Lena.

We go back to her roots as Magda, the barrio girl mocked for the big scar on her face. Despite the physical imperfection, Magda was just as phenomenal, smart, and fearless. She’s the only girl on campus to beat the socialite Rachel (Sofia Andres) in their class standing, and the only one to fight the bullies.

While everyone tailed Rachel like worshipping minions at the school cafeteria, Magda didn’t care even if the Queen Bee walked up to her, asked her to leave the table, and did all sorts of bullying. She was even asked to buy her orange juice.  Lena refused to take orders from her rival. Looking so cool, she simply told her, “May paa ka naman. May kamay ka rin, bakit hindi na lang ikaw bumili ng sarili mong inumin? Kung pinag-iinitan mo ako dahil mas mataas ang grades ko sa’yo sa last quarter, mag-aral ka na lang nang mabuti baka makatulong pa.” When Rachel vowed to be the class valedictorian because she can get anything she wants, Magda casually replied, “Eh, ‘di ikaw na magaling.”

Magda knew Rachel’s family used money and influence to steal the valedictory award from her. When told she’s just bitter and a freak, Magda clapped back at Rachel, “Di baleng pangit ang mukha, huwag lang pangit ang ugali.” She isn’t the type to easily raise the white flag, hence, her little act of revenge by using science to explode ketchup on Rachel’s dress.

A myriad of obstacles brought Magda to her new destination, this time, as Lena. Plotting revenge and getting justice for Lolo Dado (Soliman Cruz)’s death called for heated reunions with her enemies but she’s game for anything. The first one she bumped into was Miguel (Kit Thompson), the man who  got her pregnant and stole her magic soap formula. When looked down with disrespect and underestimated for her weakness, Lena’s response came with double slaps, each strike burning with anger.

The reunion at the Narciso mansion was immensely satisfying as Lena stood there, playing it cool while watching her enemies shaken up by her presence and revelations. In that scene, she came as the girlfriend of Adrian (JC De Vera), who she easily won just by a little flirting and manipulation. Her presence alone was already too much to handle, more so the discussion about her past relationship and child with Miguel, which totally annoyed Rachel. Lena smiled in satisfaction as the couple fought in front of everybody.

Trying to pacify Rachel, Vanessa (Agot Isidro) announced that the baby was just an accident and that it was Lena who seduced Miguel that night. Laced with sarcasm, Lena explained that she was taken advantage of. And when told she’s a flirt and just making up stories, Lena had a scorching response to Vanessa, “Paano mo alam? From experience? Naging tanga ka na rin ba noong kabataan mo, Madam Vanessa?”

Our heroine is the karma Vanessa deserves. Equipped with power by that time, Lena gave Vanessa her own dose of medicine. She’d kill her with brutal dialogues like “Kahit paliguan mo pa ng pabango ‘yang sarili mo, umaalingasaw pa rin ‘yung kabulukan mo” when Vanessa was already losing power due to a paralyzing secret. Scared that Lena would reveal the truth about Adrian’s identity, Vanessa was forced to exalt her mortal enemy. “Magmakaawa sa akin. Lumuhod ka sa harapan ko,” Lena ordered her at one point.  

Lena was blazing even in her confrontations with Lukas (Raymond Bagatsing), who turned up with a gallon of insults and a tempting offer to save Royal Wellness from M&R, the company she built with Ramona (Janice De Belen). Her response to being called ‘insekto’: “Ako insekto? Kaya pala nandito ka para suhulan ako.”

But she’s even more dangerous in the female warzone against Rachel. A big chunk of her vengeful scheme was dedicated to destroying Rachel and Miguel’s marriage, which she easily pulled off using her beauty as bait. . There was a scene where Adrian arrived seething with anger, saying he’s been thinking of ways to kill Lena. Then Rachel tried to help Adrian by spitting out mockery on Lena’s old scar.

It didn’t stop Lena from carrying out her plans. Keeping her enemies close, she moved into the same building where Rachel and Miguel live. “Hi, neighbor,” she said when Rachel showed up at the pool area. While her nemesis spitted venom, Lena chose to keep calm, like she always does, to annoy Rachel even more. And when told to leave, she declared, “I’m here to stay.”  

The cunning woman knows when and where to attack. In a scene, she went to Miguel’s room to seduce him, leading to a casual lovemaking, which Rachel caught. Lena gladly watched a portion of the couple’s fight before she nonchalantly walked out.

The battle for power and revenge got more intense when Lena discovered her true relation to Lukas. Now as the real and only Narciso heiress, Lena would sprinkle wit and deadly charm all over Lukas’ territories. In an episode, she giddily talked about money and inheritance. When told “I am still alive, iniisip mo na kung anong makukuha mo pag namatay ako,” Lena laughed and replied, “Advanced ako mag-isip, Dad.”

Shortly after that conversation, Lena faced Vanessa, who came home to get her belongings. Owning the place, she asked the helper to bring out Vanessa’s luggage then sent her out in the wittiest way. “Guard! Basura oh! Itapon niyo nga ‘to,” she said, pointing at Vanessa.

Lena started to infiltrate Royal Wellness and the first agenda was to remove Queen Vanessa soap from their line of products, resulting in a heated argument. When Vanessa denied her obvious involvement in Lolo Dado’s death, Lena retorted, “You think you’re above the law? Gumising ka, Vanessa dahil hindi natutulog ang batas at hinahabol ka na nito.”

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