15 scenes that highlight Jordan and Lena’s love story, kilig moments in La Vida Lena

There’s nothing more beautiful and real than a love that sees your imperfections and still finds you amazing through them. That’s the kind of love Jordan (Carlo Aquino) has for Lena (Erich Gonzales). As we anticipate their happy ending in La Vida Lena The Final Rampa, let us relive their sweetest, most ‘kilig’ scenes from childhood best friends to secret lovers via this Kapamilya Toplist.

Lena’s life as the barrio lass Magda was full of suffering, bullying, and pain due to the scar on her face. But there was one person who saw past her scar. And that's Jordan, the childhood friend who always makes her feel loved and beautiful. Magda would dismiss his constant compliments, though. When he said he loves her, she felt like it was spoken out of obligation. She had zero self-confidence, fractured by harsh social judgment and bullying at school.

She said guys like him only have eyes for gorgeous women, to which he replied, “Maganda ka naman.” He also appreciates her strength and other traits. Here’s a man who makes Magda feel not only beautiful but more so phenomenal on her own.

Jordan will wear the cape as Magda’s hero. He saved her from the bullies and brought her to a romantic outdoor date during her high school graduation ball. While slow dancing, Jordan tucked Magda’s hair behind her ears to see her face. She closed her eyes and wished that her scar would be gone like magic. While Magda looked at her appearance with disdain, Jordan saw the beauty she didn’t even see in herself. As Magda closed her eyes, Jordan gazed at the perfection that was in front of him.

Jordan and Magda managed to keep their friendship despite the challenges, distance, and a series of painful events. A happy reunion happened when she returned to Salvacion after serving time. 

Then, the crusade for justice began. From the bullied barrio lass, Magda transformed into Lena - more beautiful and powerful than ever. Like in the old days, Jordan didn’t leave her side. He was there to help, protect, and sometimes enlighten her. There’s a scene where Jordan said he’s proud of Lena because of her relentless strength, and he’s sure that Lolo Dado (Soliman Cruz) and her baby are also feeling happy and proud up in heaven.

Jordan will never want to see Lena get hurt in any way. There’s a scene where he noticed the bruises on her knees. He panicked and touched them in a manner so gentle and full of respect. He treated her bruises, then volunteered to cook for her. Jordan was also Lena’s “personal nurse” when she had an accident due to Rachel (Sofia Andres)’s jealousy. He helped her move around. He would catch her every time she fell from struggling to walk. He’s always been her backbone.

Conflict arose, however, when Jordan used himself as bait to infiltrate the enemies’ territory. He did it all because he loves her – more than his own life, he said. Jordan would rather plunge into the danger than see Lena risk her own life. His choice of cards, however, didn’t sit well with Lena who felt betrayed and abandoned. It led to a deeply crushing “friendship breakup.”

The wounds eventually healed. After all, even the harshest storm can’t destroy their friendship. They may use different weapons but what matters is they share the same fight. In a scene, Lena slipped out on wanting to end the war so they could get some breathing space. Jordan asked what that meant. Although he didn’t get an answer, he was able to read her mind. Then, they shared their first kiss. 

The next scene showed Jordan rushing to the hospital as Lena and Lukas (Raymond Bagatsing) got into a car accident. He dashed toward Lena and embraced her, relieved that she’s fine.

At the Narciso mansion, as Lena gave a rundown of her plans on Vanessa (Agot Isidro) and the Narcisos’ downfall, Jordan chose to respond with light-heartedness. Then Lena calmed down. That’s how he’s always been to her. He pacifies her, makes her smile, and reminds her that she’s always been beautiful. He saw past her flaws. He finds her breathtaking whether she’s the scarred barrio girl Magda or the fearless Lena.

“Hindi kita titigilan hanggat hindi nagiging tayo. ‘Yung minsanang ngiti mo, padalasin natin,” he told her, taking his cue to invite her out on a date. He brought her back to the good old days by enjoying street food. For the first time in a while, Lena felt child-like and free. The ‘slow-mo’ moment happened again. She felt his effect on her and it was more palpable than before. In turn, Jordan saw stars as Lena smiled, gazing at the beauty that was in front of him.

In the succeeding scene, Lena expressed appreciation for Jordan’s effort. She can see her future with him, she said. But love had to take a back seat. In turn, Jordan promised to wait. Love can wait.

The montage concludes with that scene from Lena’s birthday celebration wherein Jordan took her out on a romantic date and serenaded her. “Wala nang mas gaganda pa sa puso mo,” he said to remind her of the beauty she owns from the beginning.

Will Jordan and Lena get to fulfill their promises to each other? Don’t miss out on the last few episodes of La Vida Lena on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.