15 most hated scenes of Vanessa in La Vida Lena

Erich Gonzales as a strong woman in a revenge-drama series is already sensational. Then add in an effective ‘kontrabida’ like Vanessa (Agot Isidro) and you’ll get a top-tier teleserye like La Vida Lena. In this Kapamilya Toplist, we collected Vanessa’s unforgettable and most evil moments that turned our ‘gigil’ on.

It was a case of hate at first sight when Vanessa saw Magda (Erich) at the Royal Wellness building. She feigned kindness to Magda, a small-time businesswoman offering her magic soap. But as soon as she turned her back, Vanessa’s mouth ran fast with insult and disgust, clueless that Magda was listening.

Tables turned when Royal Wellness proved the efficacy of Magda’s soap, forcing the Narcisos to negotiate with the girl they just belittled. Vanessa thought barrio people like Magda and Lolo Dado (Soliman Cruz) could be easily bought. She went to their small house to offer them five million pesos in exchange for Magda’s magic soap formula. Rejected, she said poor people like Magda are wise and cunning and that they surely have a price.

Vanessa went as far as destroying the livelihood of the entire town by poisoning the crops. She thought it would tug at Magda’s conscience and convince her to sell her soap recipe. Vanessa’s desperation led to Lolo Dado’s death and Magda’s sufferings.

It’s all just history repeating itself. It turned out Magda’s mother, Helen (Isay Alvarez), also suffered from Vanessa’s cruelty. A flashback scene revealed that Vanessa locked a pregnant Helen in a chemical storage room. The exposure to toxins harmed the baby, resulting in a big scar on Magda’s face.

Like her husband Lukas (Raymond Bagatsing), Vanessa uses threats to make sure things go her way. She warned Magda, now Lena, to stop competing with Royal Wellness if she would like to spare her loved ones.

The villainess could kill when triggered. As secrets unravelled and her power threatened, Vanessa connived with her secret lover Conrad (Christian Vasquez) to end Lukas. She tried to poison Lukas twice but both attempts failed. At one point, they thought of killing him in a car accident. Vanessa rushed to the hospital, grieving over Lukas’ fate, but only to learn that he is still alive.

Vanessa had a ton of scathing confrontations with Ramona (Janice De Belen) as well, and each one was deliciously entertaining thanks to their witty lines. There was a scene where she insulted Ramona for coming to a Royal Wellness event, saying the latter does not belong there. Flaunting her position in society is Vanessa’s cup of tea, as if she’s forgotten her roots in the slums.

So, engaging in a savage ‘sumbatan’ with Lukas, poor Vanessa was left dumbfounded when Lukas recalled how he picked her up from the slums, how he dressed and fed her, and how he made her a woman. Everything she possesses – name, wealth, and power – belongs to Lukas. Thus, her wrath when Lukas, who just successfully faked his death, stripped her off everything in his last will and testament.

With all the evil she’s done, it’s impossible for Vanessa not to get serious payback from karma. In a scene, she went to Lena’s place carrying muriatic acid. The plan to ruin Lena’s face, however, backfired when she accidentally hit the bottle of acid and it poured onto her own face.

Typical of a ‘kontrabida’, she played victim and blamed Lena for what happened. But her statement to the police was proven wrong by video footage and testimony from the building’s guard. Vanessa received a call from Conrad from the detention center. She asked for a contact, someone who could carry out her vengeful plans. Then, she was able to bribe a group of inmates to beat Ramona inside the prison cell.

The final scene in this video montage witnessed Vanessa’s conversation with Lena in the hospital. She vowed to get revenge on Lena and everyone who took everything from her.

How will Vanessa’s evilness come to an end? Watch the remaining episodes of La Vida Lena “The Final Rampa on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.