10 times Vanessa and Conrad deceived Lukas with their affair in La Vida Lena

Entering an illicit affair is already complicated but wanting it to continue is much more dangerous. Vanessa (Agot Isidro) and Conrad (Christian Vasquez) would know as their sinful romance slowly turns into a mess and soon a tragedy once Lukas (Raymond Bagatsing) finds out. But before that happens, the secret lovers will try to get away with it by telling the most deceptive and sometimes terrible alibi, shown in this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from the beloved teleserye La Vida Lena.

Lukas is an intelligent man, thus no secret can slip past his senses. He was quick to confront his wife, Vanessa, about her suspicious meetings with Conrad. But of course, the guilty will never own up to her crime. Vanessa lied, saying they’re just discussing the best ways to save Rachel (Sofia Andres) and Miguel (Kit Thompson)’s failing marriage.

Same thing happened when Lukas interrogated Conrad, who seamlessly stitched his loyalty and brotherly respect for Lukas into his lies. He maintained that the talks with Vanessa are purely out of concern for Rachel and Miguel’s relationship. He said he couldn’t think of any other person that can give solicitous advice than Vanessa, Miguel’s aunt.

In another scene, Conrad made the crocodile tears run a little deeper, telling Lukas that he values their friendship. Then, Lukas dropped a warning, saying he may be loyal but he can also turn into a ruthless enemy once betrayed.  

Everytime caught in a secret meeting, Vanessa and Conrad’s ultimate trick is to use Rachel and Miguel’s struggling marriage as an excuse. In a scene, Lukas caught the love rats sharing a shady conversation inside Conrad’s car. Vanessa explained they’re just plotting ways to help Rachel after getting punished by Miguel for her infidelity. Lukas managed to squeeze his warnings into the conversation, saying he can’t blame Miguel for chucking Rachel out because in reality, he’d be more heartless once he’s cheated on.

Heeding the red flags, Lukas advised Vanessa to be extra careful in keeping her trysts; after all, she doesn’t have the capacity to outsmart him.

For adulterers, the phone is a treasure trove of secrets and lies, so much so Vanessa would put up a fight to keep it away from Lukas. But the latter has his ways of finding out the truth. He hired an investigator to track down Vanessa’s activities. True to his hunches, Vanessa and Conrad constantly see each other.

One time, he came uninvited to Conrad and Vanessa’s lunch date. The scene turned quite scandalous as Lukas boldly accused the two of betrayal, then hurt Vanessa. Triggered, Conrad threatened to get back at Lukas once he beat Vanessa again. It turns out Conrad wants to live out their romance but Vanessa doesn’t want to leave Lukas.

Then, Conrad’s true feelings were caught on camera. Lukas received a photo from his private investigator showing Conrad hugging Vanessa during their secret lunch date. Furious, Lukas beat Vanessa for crossing the boundaries again.

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