10 times Ramona showed determination to prove Lukas’ crime in La Vida Lena

People may question Ramona (Janice De Belen)’s motive for fighting for truth, saying she’s already successful and she managed to rise above her dark past, thus all she needs to do is forget and move on. But for her, unadulterated peace is only achieved once she achieves justice. The scorned woman vows to stop at nothing to earn vindication and make the real villains, the Narcisos, pay. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from La Vida Lena.

Working with Lena (Erich Gonzales), Ramona would kick-start their revenge by building their own empire that would rival the Narcisos’ Royal Wellness.  Their products took the town of Salvacion by storm – a good omen for their team.

However, the main goal is not just to become a well-known company but to see the Narcisos’ downfall. After serving time for a crime she didn’t commit, the murder of Don Luis (Miguel Fraustmann), Ramona wanted the real offender, Lukas (Raymond Bagatsing), to rot in jail. She’d gather evidence to prove Lukas’ guilt.

With Jordan (Carlo Aquino)’s help, she traced her previous contacts from Royal Wellness, those who worked closely with Lukas like his driver and personal assistant. She also asked Doc Sheryl to testify against Lukas.

Since convincing the doctor wasn’t an easy task, Ramona resorted to blackmailing Sheryl using evidence of the latter’s illicit affair. Although she seems no different from Lukas who uses threats to get things done, Ramona is only after the truth unlike Lukas who manipulates people for evil and selfish gains.

There’s a scene in the teleserye wherein Mang Kiko (Pen Medina) asked why Ramona is eager to bring the Narcisos down instead of just letting go of the past. She explained that she owes it to her family and Don Luis – people who died long ago without getting the justice they deserve. She doesn’t need riches to calm her conscience. Only justice can give her that kind of inner peace.

At some point, Ramona was bothered by the revelation that Lukas is Lena’s biological father. She’s scared that Lena might abandon their vengeful plans and choose to make peace with Lukas instead. And when that happens, her efforts will go to waste.

But she’s not losing hope. Besides, Lukas seemed to have lost his luck when he spent nights in jail thanks to Conrad (Christian Vasquez)’s own evil schemes. In a scene where Ramona visited Lukas in jail, she vowed to do whatever it takes to see him fall into disgrace.

Ramona’s perseverance may be about to pay off as Doc Sheryl decides to help her prove Lukas’ crime of killing Don Luis.

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