10 times Rambo and Allison charmed viewers with their chemistry in La Vida Lena

Their friendship may be born out of sham and may soon be shaken by revelations and conflict involving people close to them, but we think Rambo (Renshi de Guzman) and Allison (Danica Ontengco) have what it takes to survive potential problems. Just look at how they click and enjoy spending time with each other. These two are inseparable and just well matched, shown in this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from Kapamilya revenge-drama series La Vida Lena.   

Rambo and Allison prove that dates don’t have to be expensive. They just enjoy each other’s company whether eating ‘inihaw’ or Rambo’s favorite bread, which Allison learned to like as well. They hit it off even if he’s poor and she’s rich (although she pretends otherwise). Because for Allison, Rambo makes her feel ordinary, carefree like how she’s always wanted her life to be.

They exchanged numbers, leading to late-night chats and a low-key digital courtship, although they had to be extra careful with their emotions. Rambo felt he can’t be upfront about his feelings, thinking Allison would be scared. He couldn’t say he misses her, hiding his longing behind his jokes.  

But nothing beats the sincerity of getting to know a person better without a smartphone. The food trips continued all the while sharing stories about each other’s lives.

Just prepare your hearts for an overload of ‘kilig’ whenever Rambo and Allison are together. There’s a scene where he poked fun at her while wiping the ice cream stain off her nose. To get even, Allison tried to smudge his face and they played like little kids.

There was also a scene where she got mad at him for giving her photo a ‘like’ instead of a ‘heart’ reaction. Rambo said he’d only click the ‘heart’ button if he’s in the photo, so they took a selfie to make that happen. Rambo putting his arm around Allison’s shoulder was so pure and sweet.

Then, the conversation about love where they completed each other’s sentences! After listening to Rambo rant about falling in love, Allison asked if he’s ever experienced the same. He said he’s not sure. He just feels happy whenever he’s with that person, and lonely when they’re apart. Allison blurted out her thoughts and proved that they’re so in sync.

The last scene shows the young pair talking over the phone. Rambo slowly confessed that he likes her. Allison smiled, telling him that he doesn’t need to hide his feelings because the truth is she feels the same.  

How will the truth and vengeance affect Rambo and Allison’s budding friendship? Don’t miss an episode of La Vida Lena, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.