10 times Lena clapped back at her enemies in La Vida Lena

One thing viewers can’t get enough of Lena (Erich Gonzales) is her wit that gives life to some of the feistiest dialogues heard from a femme fatale. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist collating Lena’s most savage lines that drove her enemies mad in the teleserye La Vida Lena.

We begin with the casino scene where she lured Adrian (JC De Vera) into her trap just by a little flirting. Adrian took pride in winning the game, oblivious that it was just a part of Lena’s bigger plan. The seduction got more satisfying as they bumped into each other again. Seeing Adrian’s excitement to get to know her, Lena didn’t give much other than her name and a hint that she’s working for M&R. “Desperadong makilala ako?” she said before giving him a sultry goodbye.

For the next round of temptation, the plan was to seduce Miguel (Kit Thompson) and wreak havoc on his relationship with Rachel (Sofia Andres). “Kahit patayin pa kita, hindi nu’n maibabalik lahat ng nawala sa akin nang dahil sa’yo,” she replied when Miguel underestimated her powers.

The much-awaited confrontation scene happened at the Narciso mansion. Lena came as Adrian’s girlfriend. That revelation alone was enough to upset the Narcisos, much more the truth bomb on Lena and Miguel’s past relationship and love child. Rachel was furious to know that her husband had a child with her long-time rival.  Vanessa (Agot Isidro) got in the mix to soothe the couple’s quarrel. Then she tried to hide all their family’s dirty laundry by pinning the blame on Lena, whose innocent act annoyed her enemies to the core.

Lena calmly explained that she was taken advantage of that night. Vanessa called it a flirty woman’s favorite excuse. Then Lena clapped back, “Paano mo alam? From experience? Naging tanga ka na rin ba noong kabataan mo, Madam Vanessa?” And that’s how you silence a liar with dark secrets.

The scene continued with Lena announcing her pregnancy with Adrian. She kept her composure while Vanessa called her names from fake to pathetic and freak. She didn’t mind at all, knowing she had Adrian wrapped around her finger, thanks to a fake pregnancy. Her enemies were pissed off but she remained cool throughout.

Lena also delivered sparkling dialogues in a one-on-one confrontation with Vanessa. She flaunted an envelope that contained evidence of Vanessa’s affair with Conrad (Christian Vasquez), Adrian’s biological father. 

Lena then carried out her next ploy to move in the same building where Rachel and Miguel live. Well she had to act innocent and pretend that everything was just a coincidence.

Rachel was furious when she found out, leading to a feisty pool scene. She threatened to destroy Lena’s face once she gets near Miguel. But her venom wasn’t deadly enough.

Lena told Miguel to control his wife, whom she likened to an animal. “Awatin mo nga, parang asong ulol na gustong mangagat.”       

In the final scene, Lena and Ramona (Janice de Belen) ganged up on Vanessa, whose evilness cannot be hidden by her fake elegance. The heroine told her nemesis, “Kahit paliguan mo pa ‘yang sarili o ng pabango, aalingasaw pa rin lahat ng kabulukan mo.”

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