10 times Lena and Vanessa amused viewers with their sparkling dialogues in La Vida Lena

The more scandalous the confrontation, the more entertaining it is. Yet Lena (Erich Gonzales) and her nemesis Vanessa (Agot Isidro) prove that it doesn’t always have to be loud. They rarely scream at each other but their encounters never fail to amuse, all they have to do is pick the most sparkling dialogues, which we collected in this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from La Vida Lena. 

We begin with the surprising reunion at the Narciso mansion when Lena came as Adrian (JC De Vera)’s girlfriend. The femme fatale, wishing to stir chaos, opened up her past relationship with Miguel (Kit Thompson). Rachel (Sofia Andres) got furious. Vanessa got in the mix to stop the quarrel. Then she tried to hide all their family’s dirty laundry by pinning the blame on Lena, whose innocent act annoyed her enemies to the core.

Lena calmly explained that she was taken advantage of that night. Vanessa called it a flirty woman’s favorite excuse, as in “Excuse ‘yan ng makakating babae.”Then Lena clapped back, “Paano mo alam? From experience? Naging tanga ka na rin ba noong kabataan mo, Madam Vanessa?” And that’s how you silence a liar with dark secrets.  

Lena doesn’t go to war unprepared unlike Vanessa who storms to her enemy’s territory without a battle plan. Lena was holding an envelope that contained evidence of Vanessa’s dark secret. “Vanessa, wala ka sa lugar para pagbantaan ako. Dapat nga maging mabait ka sa akin dahil ‘pag nabuwisit ako…” she warned as Vanessa tried to take the document, a DNA Test result proving Conrad (Christian Vasquez) is Adrian’s biological father.

In another scene, Lena and Ramona (Janice De Belen) welcomed Vanessa in their office for another round of savage female confrontation. Vanessa thought she still had the power to run the show. Thus, Lena had to give some lecture, “Sabi ko naman sa’yo, huwag mo akong iinisin dahil isang pindot ko lang, kaya kong tanggalin ang lahat ng meron ka – asawa, kayamanan, estado sa lipunan.”

Vanessa replied, “I will not be manipulated by someone like you – mga hampaslupa, mga basura!” Still Lena had the final words, “Sino kaya sa atin ‘yung basura? Ako na binabalik lang naman sa inyo lahat ng ginawa n’yo sa amin? O ikaw na sinungaling at mamamatay-tao? Kahit paliguan mo pa ‘yang sarili mo ng pabango, aalingasaw pa rin lahat ng kabulukan mo.”

And it doesn’t end there. “Lumayas ka nga sa harapan ko! Pinapaiinit mo ulo ko, eh at saka biglang nag-iba ‘yung amo dito,” said Lena.

Here’s another scene that smelled victory for our favorite heroine. Vanessa begged Lena not to spill her secret to Lukas. Taking advantage of this desperation, Lena asked Vanessa to kneel down as if worshipping her. “Huwag na huwag mong iinsultuhin ang Nanay ko at mag-ingat ka sa pananalita mo dahil kayang-kaya kong sirain ngayon ang buhay mo kung gugustuhin mo,” she warned Vanessa, who called her mom a whore.

When Lena started winning Lukas’ trust and she was tasked to look after his mansion while he’s in jail, the first thing she did was evict Vanessa, who called her a bastard and delusional. It didn’t hurt at all, not even a little. Why would Lena feel offended knowing that it’s Vanessa who has a bastard son? To annoy her enemy even more, Lena asked the guard to take the garbage out, referring to her filthy stepmom.

The next move was to kick Vanessa out of Lukas’ company. On the way out of the building, Vanessa ordered Lena not to block her way, “Gusto mo tadyakan ko ‘yang mukha mo? Bumalik ‘yan sa dati!”  Lena didn’t answer back and just let her little ‘surprise’ insult Vanessa.

Vanessa coming home to Lukas sparked another round of female war. She confidently called herself Lukas’ great love. But instead of giving an all-out retort, Lena simply laughed and called Vanessa “ilusyonada.”

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