Toplist Jordan protects Lena

Whether he shows sweet gestures or tough love, everything Jordan (Carlo Aquino) does for Lena (Erich Gonzales) only proves how much he cares. Sometimes his overprotectiveness leads to quarrel but that won’t convince him to let go of her hand especially during her biggest battles. Check out how he tries to enlighten Lena with painful truths to save her from danger in this Kapamilya Toplist from the teleserye La Vida Lena.

Jordan’s friendship with Lena is a reminder that real friends can disagree about things that affect each other’s welfare. Being too nice doesn’t always mean the relationship is real because sometimes those who are genuinely concerned will call us out for our behavior or slap us with the truth.

That’s Jordan’s kind of love for Lena – tough and full of honesty. While he’s supportive of the mission to bring the Narcisos down, he isn’t comfortable to see her use herself as bait. It hurts to watch her in a dangerous quest for vengeance.

He had harsh reactions when Lena wanted to marry Adrian (JC De Vera) and pretended she was pregnant. He said he’s scared of how brutal Adrian can become once he discovers her deceit. Same thing happens every time she does risky tasks all by herself. He reminded her to ask for his company and help. But the scorned woman is fearless.

After wrapping Adrian around her finger, Lena then moved to the next plan, which is to break Miguel (Kit Thompson) and Rachel (Sofia Andres)’s marriage. Jordan didn’t like the complicated idea. He knew it could open Lena’s old wounds from her heartbreaking past with Miguel. Worse, they suspect Rachel to be her sister from Conrad (Christian Vasquez).  But all Jordan could do was promise to always stick around, especially when Lena becomes ready to learn her real identity.

In another scene, Jordan scolded his best friend for using her body to lure Miguel. He was disappointed to see her wear revealing outfits just to attract her target. He said he didn’t want her to break her heart twice, knowing that she can possibly fall for Miguel again. Despite her assurance, he was scared Lena would fail to hide her vulnerability and get hurt by playing fire. Lena felt insulted. She slapped him and told him to just leave if all he does is judge her choices.

Jordan is the voice of conscience in Lena’s life, although she rarely listens. Not for being selfish but he tries to tame her fire simply because he cares. There was a scene where he searched for the old Lena – the barrio lass who went by the name Magda, the one who’s gentler. His biggest fear is to see her get so consumed by anger that she forgets to think carefully and soften her heart again.

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