Jordan's love for Magda in La Vida Lena

Viewers of the TV series La Vida Lena wish Magda (Erich Gonzales) will realize that beauty is a trait she already owns. But with the myriad of misery and bullying she gets, it’s impossible for Magda to see this truth at the moment.

The good thing is she has a devoted and loving friend in Jordan (Carlo Aquino), who never fails to make her feel beautiful and sees past her scars – like how true love is. In this Kapamilya Toplist, we rounded up the scenes where Jordan spoke and actually showed his genuine love for Magda in the teleserye La Vida Lena.

The montage opens with Magda and Jordan bantering about their potential romance, with the latter painting his confessions with teases. He joked that Magda is hiding special feelings for him and that her world turned in slow motion when she saw him. Jordan also said he’s serious about one woman, and that is none other Magda, but the latter would easily dismiss his slight revelation. The reason behind is her low self-confidence, fractured by harsh social judgment and bullying at school. Magda thinks the scar on her face impairs her beauty.

In a flashback scene, Magda refused to believe Jordan when he said he loves her. She would either take his words as jokes or of pity. The young lady thought it’s impossible for Jordan to fall for her because he’s always liked pretty girls.

Over and over again, Jordan will wear the cape as Magda’s hero. He’s there to defend the barrio lass from anyone mocking her. There was a scene where he was jailed after fighting with a man who insulted Magda. And when asked what happened, Jordan opted to hide the truth just so he wouldn't hurt Magda’s feelings.

The next scene highlights Jordan escorting Magda to her graduation ball. “Pwede kitang pagtiyagaan,” he quipped, but his eyes twinkled with the truth when he saw Magda coming out of their house in a soft blue dress. Jordan saw stars as Magda walked towards him. Now, he knows what a real ‘slow-mo’ moment is.

Jordan almost got into an altercation when Magda’s schoolmates, led by Rachel (Sofia Andres), blocked them at the entrance. To avoid further conflict, Jordan and Magda decided to just leave, and he brought her to a simple dinner date at the park to have their own romantic celebration. They had street food, laughed, and danced.

While slow dancing, Jordan tucked Magda’s hair behind her ears to see her entire face. She closed her eyes to make a wish and dream that her big scar would be gone like magic. While Magda looks at her appearance with disdain, Jordan sees the beauty she couldn’t even see in herself. As Magda closed her eyes, Jordan gazed at the perfection that was in front of him.

In the next scene, they looked back on their childhood days when they would fight together against the bullies. Jordan glanced at Magda and recalled how she’s always been so brave and strong. And we couldn’t help but feel the authenticity of his love for her. Here’s a man who makes Magda feel not only beautiful but more so phenomenal on her own.

Soon, with the entrance of Miguel (Kit Thompson) and Adrian (JC De Vera), Jordan will find new rivals in Magda’s heart. 

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