10 times Adrian chose to protect Lukas despite the revelations in in La Vida Lena

Everybody was ‘shookt’ at the big revelation that Lena (Erich Gonzales)’s biological father is Lukas (Raymond Bagatsing), the man she abhors. Another truth bomb is yet to explode that will burn Vanessa (Agot Isidro) and Conrad (Christian Vasquez)’s skeletons. They are the real parents of Adrian (JC De Vera), who grew up believing Lukas is his father. Everybody is now entangled in a wild, complicated web of secrets. A lot has happened. But it didn’t change anything about Adrian’s respect, love, and loyalty for Lukas that he would choose to protect his “dad” when needed, shown in this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from La Vida Lena.   

The video opens with Adrian confronting Vanessa about her suspicious closeness with Conrad. He caught them meeting in secret twice and embracing in the latest encounter. Vanessa managed to escape her son’s threatening interrogation, saying Conrad is a family friend and they’re just celebrating Rachel (Sofia Andres) and Miguel (Kit Thompson)’s reconciliation.

Secrets, however, are too heavy of a burden. It didn’t take long until Adrian found out that he is the thread connecting Vanessa and Conrad. They are his biological parents. He was blazing with anger mostly for Lukas. He got mad that Vanessa and Conrad have been playing with Lukas all these times.  

What the liars thought would be an advantage turned into a disaster. The truth just made Adrian more drawn to Lukas, the father who shaped him into who he is. There’s a scene where he thanked him for the position in the company. There were hints of guilt especially when Lukas stressed how much he loves him as a son.

Conrad’s plan to murder Lukas didn’t sit well with Adrian. Seething with anger, Adrian confronted Vanessa and warned her not to harm “his dad” let alone kill him. He said that if Conrad is concerned as he claims, then keeping Lukas alive will be the smartest move. Adrian also warned that if Conrad insists on these evil plans, he’d have no choice but to tell Lukas the truth.

At one point, Adrian shot the gunman who targeted Lukas. Now he’s a criminal and he had no one else to blame but Conrad.

Adrian had a heated argument with Conrad, who was then trying to win his trust. His loyalty, however, only belongs to Lukas. He ordered Conrad to let him be. After all, he grew up not needing him in his life. Then Adrian said that if being a good father is the issue, he will never look at Conrad that way. For him, only Lukas is the example of a perfect father.

There came a point when even Vanessa agreed to Conrad’s plan so they all could untie themselves from the paralyzing threats. She revealed her bruises, saying that if Lukas can do it to her, then he will also act like a monster to Adrian once the secret is out.

Then again, Adrian didn’t take Vanessa’s side. He added that if anything bad happens to Lukas, he will be first to divulge Vanessa and Conrad’s crimes. On his mother’s scars, he said he understands where Lukas’ wrath is coming from.

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