10 scenes that spotlight Magda’s strength in character in La Vida Lena

Strong women are not easily fazed by circumstances because they live with an unbreakable set of core beliefs that’s never determined by anyone else’s opinion. That’s what we see in Magda (Erich Gonzales) as she fights for the truth and what is right in the primetime teleserye La Vida Lena, shown in this Kapamilya Toplist. 

Bullying might hurt but it will never destroy Magda’s determination to be a successful woman. When mocked by the campus Queen Bee, Rachel (Sofia Andres), Magda faced her rival with confidence. She didn’t allow just some other girl to boss her around when told to buy Rachel’s drink in the cafeteria.

When beaten up by Rachel’s squad inside the campus, Magda together with her grandfather Dado (Soliman Cruz), stormed to the Suarez residence to confront the offender. Although Rachel’s dad, Conrad (Christian Vasquez), denied the allegations, Magda maintained that she was the victim.

Magda knows what she’s capable of, even insults will not make her feel that she isn’t good enough. With the recent class standing, she boldly claimed the valedictory award. It was meant to be hers, if only Rachel’s family didn’t manipulate the results. Although cheated, Magda didn’t dwell too much on bitterness. She rather had her little act of revenge by exploding ketchup all over Rachel’s dress. She knows it was bad, and later on apologized to her grandpa.

When the Royal Wellness owners, Lucas (Raymond Bagatsing) and Vanessa (Agot Isidro), tried to pay her 200, 000 pesos for her magic soap formula, Magda stood by her principles and decided not to sell her product. She told them, “May mas mahalagang bagay kaysa sa pera – respeto.” It marked the beginning of Magda’s war with the Narcisos.

Magda’s decision to reject the Narcisos’ business proposal came with a lot of consequences, as the influential family would not stop until they get Magda’s formula. In an attempt to convince and somewhat threaten Magda once more, Vanessa went to the Mendozas’ house where she was attacked by bees.

Vanessa’s evil act backfired for a while. She and husband Lukas would try to manipulate the truth and file charges. But Magda was confident, holding a video recording of what really happened. And when threatened, she boldly clapped back at the couple, “Nasa panig namin ang katotohanan at mas matimbang ‘yun, mas may halaga kesa sa milyun-milyon ninyo. Gawin ninyo ang gusto ninyong gawin. Hindi kami natatakot. Hindi kami uurong.”

Magda dealt with another crisis when their barrio’s crops died from chemical pollutants. She was determined to prove that the Narcisos are behind it but the sudden entrance of a man named Miguel (Kit Thompson) into her life will distract her from her real fight as she falls in love with him. 

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