10 scenes that prove Jordan’s love and loyalty to Magda in La Vida Lena

A tough woman like Magda (Erich Gonzales) may be independent but she also needs a little love sometimes. She craves for a constant support system to survive life’s gruelling trials. Luckily, she got one in Jordan (Carlo Aquino), the childhood friend who sticks with her through thick and thin. In this Kapamilya Toplist, we spotlight Jordan and the sacrifices he makes for the love of Magda in the primetime series La Vida Lena.

Magda only had Lolo Dado (Soliman Cruz) as family, thus losing him almost crumpled her courage and will to live. She felt alone. If it weren’t for Jordan and his family, she wouldn’t have endured the myriad of trials.

There was never a day Jordan left Magda’s side, doing his best to soothe her pain and breathe her courage.  He was a big help in her mission against the Narcisios to seek justice for Lolo Dado. For Jordan, Magda’s fight is his fight. Her dreams are also his dreams. “Hindi mo kailangang harapin ‘yun mag-isa dahil nandito ako sa tabi mo. Kasama mo ako sa laban,” he vowed.

We could only imagine Jordan’s hurt when Magda got pregnant with Miguel (Kit Thompson)’s child. It sure felt like stabbing pain in the heart. Yet, he never looked at her with scorn. He knew that she needed love and patient understanding rather than judgment. He would even volunteer to take care of the baby once she gives birth in jail.

But it didn’t happen as Magda miscarried due to food poisoning executed by the Narcisos. Jordan was there when Magda faced one of the most devastating events in her life. His presence and embrace served as her backbone while she was grieving and screaming out her wrath. 

Bent on proving the Narcisos’ crime, Jordan moved to locate the attendant who poisoned Magda that night, using the tribal star tattoo that Magda saw on the culprit’s arm as a clue. Another trial came to block Jordan’s investigation just as when he was so close to finding answers. The Narcisos targeted his mom in a hit and run incident.

While Magda served time, Jordan persevered in college to make her proud. It was like achieving dreams for the two of them. Even if they can’t be together at all times, Jordan never fails to visit Magda and catch up with her. In a scene, they took a quick break from life’s challenges by sharing a box of hopia.

Telling her stories of his student life and adventures, Jordan said he can’t help but think of Magda each time something good happens. He wished she’d be out soon and they could enjoy new places and try delicious food together. To lighten up the mood, she counted the days and told him she’s proud of him. 

Just as Jordan showed loyalty to Magda when she was sent to jail, he was surely there when she was out. But life is not as easy as Jordan thinks. Magda’s release was just the beginning of a more dangerous quest for justice and revenge, still, he promised to help her win the fight.

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