10 scenes in La Vida Lena that prove how evil Lukas and Vanessa can be

Erich Gonzales starring in a revenge-drama series is sensational, and being joined by a superb cast including Raymond Bagatsing and Agot Isidro as antagonists all the more makes La Vida Lena a teleserye gold. The ‘kontrabida’ tandem is primetime viewers’ current source of ‘gigil,’ and we’ll review why via this Kapamilya Toplist.

Born with a big scar on her face, Magda (Erich Gonzales) has suffered from a cruel life since. People are quick to judge and throw mockery at her. If it weren’t for her admirable fighting spirit enlivened by her love for Lolo Dado (Soliman Cruz) and the few friends, like Jordan (Carlo Aquino), who accept her flaws, she would’ve given up on her dreams.

But Magda is no typical barrio girl. With big dreams, she excelled in school and started to put up her own line of magic soap – and that’s when the Narcisos, couple Lukas (Raymond) and Vanessa (Agot) began to make her life a living nightmare.

Hoping to make it big, Magda offered her soap formula to Lukas and Vanessa’s Royal Wellness only to be insulted due to her physical appearance. Tables turned when Royal Wellness associates proved the efficacy of Magda’s magic soap, forcing Lukas and Vanessa to negotiate with Magda.

Calling themselves the most influential and powerful couple in town, Lukas and Vanessa thought barrio people like Magda can be easily bought. They offered her two hundred thousand pesos for her formula but Magda rejected the proposal. And for the first time, someone as little as Magda slapped them with reality, telling them money can’t buy them respect and honor.

The couple still didn't give up. Vanessa stormed to Magda and Dado’s house to offer them a whopping five million pesos but she failed. Pushed to her limits, she tried to provoke Magda until her evilness resulted in her own tragedy. Vanessa was injured, although not seriously, she played victim and filed charges against Lolo Dado.

How far would you go to get what you want? For Vanessa, it meant making up stories to stir sympathy. And if she can’t do it alone, she’d entice more people to gang up on her enemy. This time, she has Miguel (Kit Thompson) and Adrian (JC De Vera) to help her commit her evil plans.

Driven by their own selfish desires as well, Miguel and Adrian even had a competition in stealing Magda’s soap formula. The Narcisios’ desperation led them to destroying the townsfolk’s crops, so Magda would be forced to save everybody’s livelihood by accepting their proposal.

It failed, so the Narcisos moved on to the next plan, which is to rob Magda and Lolo Dado’s house. The crime resulted in a fire and Lolo Dado’s death. It didn’t end there. Lukas and Vanessa ordered for Magda’s imprisonment, and later on, the killing of her unborn baby.

Turning her misery and sufferings into power, Magda will use them as motivation to pick herself up and show the world, especially Lukas and Vanessa, how much she’s capable of. Don’t miss an episode of La Vida Lena, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.