Review La Vida Lena’s The Final Rampa

After everything that she went through in life because of her endless fight against the Narcisos, Lena (Erich Gonzales) was still able to achieve the happily ever after she truly deserves in the thrilling yet heartwarming conclusion of La Vida Lena tagged “The Final Rampa”.


The nail-biting and heart-rending farewell

The finale week kicked off with the explosive revelation that Lucas (Raymond Bagatsing) only faked his death in order to run away from all his financial woes, as well as to exact revenge against Ramona (Janice de Belen) and have a fresh start abroad with Vanessa (Agot Isidro). He once again admitted accidentally killing his own father Don Luis (Miguel Faustmann) many years ago and framing up Ramona because of envy. 

As Lucas threatened to gun down Lena, Adrian (JC de Vera), who served as his accomplice, came just right in time and pleaded him not to do it. But instead of calming down, Lucas lashed out on how Adrian was huge disappointment, which triggered the latter to snatch the gun from him. Unfortunately, it was Adrian who got fatally shot. 



In his last moments, Adrian asked for her forgiveness, wished her to never forget the last sacrifice he did for her, and even professed his undying love for her. Viewers, arguably felt the same in the scene wherein Vanessa broke down upon seeing his lifeless body at the morgue and finding out that it was Lucas who killed him.

Conrad (Christian Vasquez) had a heartwarming moment with his daughters Allison (Danica Ongtengco) and Rachel (Sofia Andres), too, when they visited him in jail. Of course, he’s sad about the tragic passing of his son Adrian, but he expressed how being inside the cell had been a blessing in disguise for him as it made him stay away from the terrible mess between Lena and Lucas, as well as allowed him to see his children and forthcoming grandchild.



Meanwhile, after Jordan succeeded in withdrawing all the money in his account as directed by Ramona, Lucas desperately reached out to Vanessa to ask for help, to which she coldly agreed to meet with him. But little he did knew that she would be coordinating with the authorities in order to have him finally arrested, before fully surrendering herself to pay for her own crimes.

After years of rivalry, Rachel and Lena were able to finally patch things up between them, with the former even congratulated the latter for her then-upcoming wedding with Miguel, as well as thanked the latter for helping her realize how selfish and cunning her ex-husband was. Lena was able to prove it further when she told him about his ex-wife’s pregnancy yet he still wanted to go with their wedding.



Just when he thought that he’d already struck the jackpot, Miguel found himself humiliated on their wedding day as Lena exposed his debauch acts in front of the press and their high-profile guests and even tagged him as “manggagamit” and “manloloko”. 



Two months after the police failed to catch him, Lucas suddenly appeared to fulfill his vengeance plot against Lena and her cohorts. He disguised as a waiter in order to plant a bomb at their party, then had a confrontation with Ramona when he was able to corner her. He turned her into his hostage when Lena arrived in the scene and this was when he confessed about being the real culprit behind the demise of Lena’s mom.



Jordan and Lena were able to save Ramona and immediately escaped along with the other people at the venue. Despite finding out the truth, Lena still attempted to save her already deranged father by persuading her to run with them, but he instead detonated the bomb.

It was not immediately revealed whether he died or not as the next scenes showed Lena speaking to her beloved Lolo Dado (Soliman Cruz) at his grave as she uttered the lessons she learned from everything she went through. At the same time, the montage of victories Lena and her loved ones achieved was also flashed, which includes Lena finally taking full control of Royal Wellness, Kiko getting promoted at work, Ramona being able to take back her license as a doctor, and Digna (Ruby Ruiz), Betchay (Hasna Cabral), Dr. Martina (Malou Crisologo), and Ramona being named as the new board of directors of Royal Wellness. 

Miguel, who now works as a waiter, had the chance to say sorry to and make amends with Lena after everything he did to her. He also attempted to apologize and rekindle his connection with his ex-wife Rachel, but she refused to talk to him. Thus, he simply left a brown envelope containing money for their baby.



While Vanessa, Conrad, and Brian (Josh Ivan Morales) were all in jail, Lucas was revealed to be alive and being taken care of in a special facility as he had lost his left arm and both legs because of the explosion. As Lena was feeding him, he held her hand as a way of apologizing, perhaps, since he apparently couldn’t talk anymore.



Lena and Jordan finally got married, which he and her Lolo Dado had already foreseen when he was only 14 years old. Since she has been the love of his life, Jordan promised that he would never hurt nor forsake Lena as they look forward to a future together that is as lovely as the cityscapes. 


The thought-provoking takeaways

In its eight month-run, we had witnessed the never-ending clashes between Lena and the Narcisos that indeed made primetime extra exciting and scorching. But we also couldn’t deny that this story has also imparted valuable lessons to the viewers through the lives of each character.

While love had been the root of Lena’s misfortunes and miseries, it also served as an antidote for the wrath that filled her heart for a long time. Miguel’s love for her might be fake, but the genuine love she received from her friends and Ramona, who served as the mother-figure in her life, had taught her to let go of the hatred and other negative emotions she had in her against her enemies. Love might be her weakness, but it also strengthened her in order to face all the challenges that came in her life.

La Vida Lena also reminded us that everyone can change, so we all deserve to have a second or more chances in life. God sees everything that we do, either good or bad, and pays it off in the way and time we least expected it. In short, karma is real!

And most importantly, it showed us the value of forgiveness, as the titular character still chose to forgive those who crossed her and her loved ones, regardless of how grave their transgressions were to her or if whether they asked for it or not. As she let go of animosity and vengeance, she finally found peace in her heart and mind.


The positive feedbacks from netizens

Apart from the riveting narrative, netizens were also amazed by the performances of the actors, especially Erich who we’re not able to see on TV after The Blood Sisters in 2018. The rest of the ensemble cast indeed did a great job in portraying their respective roles, making every scene truly compelling and helping each other deliver the right emotions.

Of course, it wouldn’t also be possible without the amazing talents and unbelievable passion of the Dreamscape Entertainment production team headed by Deo Endrinal.  Its top-caliber directors Jerry Lopez-Sineneng, Andoy Ranay, and Jojo Saguin were able to execute every scene so well, while it’s brilliant pool of writers comprised of Mariami Domingo, Camille dela Cruz, Christian Tan, and Raymond Diamzon and headed by Mari Lamasan should be lauded as well for coming with a great storyline and striking linyahan.

Thus, there’s no wonder that a lot of avid viewers are going to miss La Vida Lena. Here are some of their tweets posted on Twitter using the hashtag #LVLHustisya.