5 compelling reasons why you should not miss La Vida Lena

Only one day until the full series premiere of the biggest revenge drama, La Vida Lena. Many have been itching to watch this teleserye after it’s soaring popularity when it first aired on iWantTFC.

Need more reason to watch this much-awaited primetime series? Well, we’ve got five.


1. It’s the grand return of Erich Gonzales to Primetime

5 compelling reasons why you should not miss La Vida Lena 1

After more than a decade in the industry, Erich Gonzales proves that she’s more than a beautiful face. She’s a talented actress that many crave to see on screen.

Her astounding performance of the triple lead role of Erika, Carrie, and Agatha on The Blood Sisters had solidified her as a versatile actress who can take on challenging roles. So once the teleserye ended in 2019, Kapamilyas have just been restless to see Erich back in the primetime teleserye scene.

The critically-acclaimed actress is definitely making the long wait worth it because of her ultimately satisfying comeback as “the new face of karma” here in La Vida Lena. Fueled by the gripping story of Magda a.k.a. Lena, we cannot wait to see how Erich adds a layer of complexity to the teleserye.


2. Fall in love with the 3 new leading men

5 compelling reasons why you should not miss La Vida Lena 2

Erich is no stranger to working with three leading men as each of her characters in The Blood Sisters had their own pairing. But in La Vida Lena, be prepared to witness three potential love interests for  her character Lena.

More than that, these three leading men are handsome faces you may already know, but it is the first time that they will take on the spotlight. Catch Carlo Aquino as Lena’s dashing childhood friend Jordan, Kit Thompson as the charming yet mysterious Miguel, and JC De Vera as the caring and lovestruck Adrian. The three are undeniably skilled with their years of experience, so it will be exciting to see how they will venture and add their own unique flair to the leading roles.


3. Witness a powerhouse performance from an award-winning cast

5 compelling reasons why you should not miss La Vida Lena 3

A lot of thought was put into the casting of La Vida Lena, hence its remarkable group of actors and actresses. We’re not only getting the topnotch acting of Erich, Carlo, Kit, and JC because they are joined by some of the industry’s biggest veteran actors and actresses as well as its promising young stars.

You are surely in for a stellar show with the prominent stars Janice De Belen, Agot Isidro, Raymond Bagatsing, Sofia Andres, and Christian Vasquez as part of the main cast. The likes of Pen Medina, Ruby Ruiz, Soliman Cruz, Malou Crisologo, Josh Ivan Morales, Hasna Cabral, Danica Ontengco, and Renshi De Guzman also play a part in the emotionally-packed story of La Vida Lena.


4. Gain life lessons and a powerful message of women empowerment

5 compelling reasons why you should not miss La Vida Lena 4

Beyond La Vida Lenas arresting story, it has a deep message involving bullying and discrimination. With Magda/Lena as a victim of such, it damaged her views, values, and life. From there, we join her on her journey to realizing her worth, rising from her enemies, and standing as a strong inspiring woman. Albeit, we’ll also witness her mistakes, her challenges, and the consequences along the way. With this rich plotline, every viewer is sure to take away a lifelong lesson or two. 


5. Relish in next-level awayan, sabunutan, and iconic lines

A good classic teleserye wouldn't be complete without the fierce catfights, heated arguments, and fiery twists. If this is something you’re looking for, La Vida Lena is one you’ll need to watch. It’s not a mere revenge plot because it takes it to another level with its relatable message, intricate storyline, and its deliverance of the ultimate satisfaction for karma.