5 inspiring scenes in 'Langit Lupa' that showed the power of prayer

They say that prayer is the best armor against all trials and hardships. Every morning in “Langit Lupa”, Esang (Yesha Camile) and Princess (Xia Vigor) continue to show us that even at a very young age, their faith and belief in God is already very strong. In observance of the Holy Week this year, let us list down the 5 inspiring scenes in the daytime family drama series that showed the power of prayer.

When they got lost, Princess and Esang decided to pray so they would no longer be scared and they could go home safely to their respective families.

Before sleeping, Esang prayed for her loved ones and asked for God’s help so that her father could finally find a job.

During his last meal with his family before leaving and working abroad, Joey (Jason Abalos) led the prayer and thanked God for all the blessings.

Inside the church, Lala (Yam Concepcion) became emotional as she prayed and sought His help so she could overcome all the trials she was going through in her life.

When Ian (Patrick Garcia) was in a critical situation, Esang joined Princess in praying for the recovery of Princess’ father.

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