Joey and Lala face doubts on love in “Langit Lupa” finale

Will Lala and Joey finally take a risk and give their love a chance?

Find out in the cutest finale of ABS-CBN’s hit morning series “Langit Lupa” this week.

A sweet surprise awaits clueless Lala (Yam Concepcion) and Princess (Xia Vigor) as Joey (Jason Abalos) and Esang (Yesha Camille) also goes to Hongkong to join them. While enjoying their trip, Lala and Joey are both bothered by their growing feelings for each other and are hesitant to take it seriously out of respect for Dey (Alessandra De Rossi). Little do they know that Esang and Princess are planning to play little cupids to the both of them. Will Joey and Lala finally give themselves a chance to love again?

While Lala and Joey are still weighing their feelings for each other, Cindy (Miho Nishida), on the other hand, makes the decision to stay away from Kit (Tommy Esguerra) so that she can prioritize school and her family. She also feels that she is not worthy for Kit after his mom disapproved of her.

The teens won’t get left behind on some love dilemas as Batas (Jairus Aquino) finally gets the courage to confess his love for Heart (Sharlene San Pedto). Will Heart reciprocate Batas’ feelings for her?

Meanwhile, as Isadora (Ellen Adarna) still mourns Ian’s death, she finds a friend she can depend on in Lala. Will this be the start of a better relationship between the two?

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