FEB-IBIG IN LANGIT LUPA: 5 reasons why Heart should be more than just Batas' best friend

They say friendship is best foundation for love or a romantic relationship. In the daytime series “Langit Lupa”, aside from the friendship of Esang (Yesha Camile) and Princess (Xia Vigor), we also get to see the cute scenes of Heart (Sharlene San Pedro) and Batas (Jairus Aquino) as best friends. Today, as we celebrate Feb-ibig, let us look back at some of their kilig moments that will show the 5 reasons why Heart should be more than just Batas' best friend.

1. She is not afraid to show that she cares for him.

When Batas went home late, Heart showed her concern and asked him about what he and his friends were doing. She told him that she would be first one to reprimand him if he was doing something bad or illegal.

2. She obviously has a huge crush on him.

Heart talked to Batas about his sexual orientation and assured him that she would accept him no matter what. However, he cleared it to her that he was not gay, and she was overjoyed with what she heard.

3. She feels jealous everytime he talks about his other girls.

Batas opened up to Heart and said that he was very inspired after seeing Jenny (Barbie Imperial). To hide her jealousy, she joked that Jenny wouldn’t even go near him because of his body odor.

4. He also feels jealous when she is with other guys.

When Heart went out with Ivan (Paulo Angeles), Batas followed them and felt jealous when they were sweet to each other. When she was alone, he confronted her and told her that she should prioritize her studies instead of going out with someone.

5. He misses her a lot when they are not together.

Since Batas noticed that Heart was avoiding her, he decided to treat her some snacks on their way home. He tried to make it up to her by making her feel special in a very simple way. He also confessed to her that he missed her.

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