Since then, it has been Celestina’s plan to destroy the De Alegre clan to avenge for her miserable life. She got hitched to its patriarch, Don Frederico, Sr. (Johnny Revilla), and later on killing him and attempting to murder his daughter-in-law Harriet (Ana Roces) and granddaughter Anna Vida (Angelica Rama) in order to easily take not only his assets, but son Virgilio (Raymond Bagatsing) as well.

To escape the bloody crime she did, she brainwashed her best friend Odessa (Rita Avila) and the other witness Conchita (Mailes Kanapi) to put the blame on the innocent and young Adrian (Adrian Cabido/JM de Guzman). This extremely tainted his reputation and made him feel guilty for two decades, while she lived happily and even revered by the people of El Paraiso as the magnanimous and compassionate “Tita Celestina”.