Kapamilya Poll: Netizens yearn for the Lady in Red’s comeback in La Luna Sangre

The action-fantasy drama we all loved and devotedly watched for more than eight months is now coming to its highly anticipated end.

We accompanied Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) and Tristan (Daniel Padilla) on their quest for justice for the death of their loved ones and of innocent people who were slained by the heinous clutch of vampires spearheaded by the ruthless Sandrino Imperial (Richard Gutierrez). Certainly, that wouldn’t be possible without the help of their trustworthy allies in Moonchasers and La Liga Unida.

Now that the Supremo’s more powerful clone is on the loose, this relentless intense battle is getting tougher for our protagonists, especially now that their number is getting less in every encounter. This makes us wish for a ferocious back-up for them, someone who possesses undisputable power or strength that can easily topple down the enemies.

But who would it be? For the netizens, they want it to be the feisty Jacintha Magsaysay (Angel Locsin).

In the Kapamilya Poll launched on ABS-CBN.com, the mysterious Lady in Red accumulated the most number of votes garnering 75% versus the 11% of Samantha Imperial and Mateo and Lia’s (John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin respectively) 14%.

Kapamilya Poll Netizens yearn for the Lady in Red s comeback in La Luna Sangre 1


All of them did a great job in keeping the peace among the races and played important roles in the Chosen One’s journey towards fulfilling her mission.

Samantha’s surprising entrance stunned the viewers as she flawlessly aimed her guns at the vampires scuffling with the Moonchasers while in her immaculately white ensemble. She was a close friend of Malia’s parents in Imortal, and later on revealed to be the sister of Supremo and a co-founder of Moonchasers.

Gaining his brother’s trust deftly made it easy for their group to attack the vampires.

She finally obtained her longtime wish to die after she got accidentally killed by Sandrino when she disguised as the Lady in Red in the supposed bloody encounter between him and Jacintha.

Mateo and Lia have been our favorite pair since Imortal and their remarkable reappearance in the pilot week of La Luna Sangre thrilled us so much. Far from their complicated and perilous life before, their lovely family had lived peacefully in a small and quiet town, until the legion of vampires attacked.

In order to spare their unica hija Malia from Sandrino and to accomplish the prophecy, they sacrificed their lives. Thus, they remain as her source of power and inspiration in winning this battle.

Among them, it seems that Jacintha has created the vastest impact. Her shocking appearance in the series spawned to a hullaballoo, with people arguing about her real identity. Many assumed that she could be Lia who was able to survive the deadly assault, but it was revealed that she’s Malia in the future.

She just came back in pursuit of trying to make everything right by helping her former self-defeat Sandrino through her deceitful schemes and assassinating Tristan before he would transform into a cruel vampire like his half-brother. Upon fulfilling her mission, she immediately got lost, leaving her red cloak behind.

Will one of them make a surprise stint in the exciting last episode of La Luna ? Don’t dare miss the finale episode for you to find out!