Kapamilya Toplist: 10 Memorable Moments in Malia and Tristan's Love Journey

This world is definitely full of magical things, but without a doubt, true love is the most magical power of all. Throughout the months, we have seen the one-of-a-kind love journey of Tristan (Daniel Padilla) and Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) in La Luna Sangre. From being childhood friends, they were separated from each other but fate reunited them, and from strangers, they slowly became close friends. After spending time together, it’s unsurprising that they have developed feelings towards each other because the magic and chemistry between the two of them is truly undeniable. 

In today’s Kapamilya Toplist, before the series ends this Friday night, let us look back and list down the 10 most memorable moments in Tristan and Malia’s love journey that made us fall in love with the top-rating primetime series, and of course, made the millions of KathNiel fans all over the world look forward to each episode.

1. The Duel

Tristan and Miyo, Malia’s disguise, engaged in an arm wrestling match and she defeated him.

2. The Reunion

Tristan saw Malia once again and recalled some of their past encounters.

3. The Dance

While sharing a romantic dance, Malia and Tristan expressed their love to each other.

4. The Salvation

Malia fought the men of the Supremo in order to rescue an unconscious Tristan, using her power to get him out of the coffin.

5. The Wish

Malia and Tristan held hands once again as they stood under the bright shining moon and expressed their wishes for the two of them.

6. The Prophecy

After Malia and Jacintha (Angel Locsin) were able to see the future, an old hermit offered to help them change the fate of Tristan.


7. The Promise

After Tristan was stabbed by Jacintha, Malia imagined a world wherein she’s with Tristan and he promised to be with her until the end.

8. The Attack

The two had an unexpected reunion when Tristan suddenly showed up in front of Malia and mercilessly attacked her.

9. The Face-off

Tristan and Malia, together with their comrades, had an intense fight scene with each other.

10. The Heartbeat


After becoming a vampire, Tristan’s heart suddenly started to beat again while he was hugging Malia.