RATED LLS: Intense and hottest scenes in La Luna Sangre


As we are down to the last two weeks of the hit fantasy series, we are now sorting out our decisions if whether we are team lobo or team bampira. We are also starting to look back on our favorite character’s memorable scenes because of that sepanx feeling that starts to grow in us.


But at what rate are you going to miss your most loved LLU character and some of their intense and hot scenes? Let us help you with that.




Expecting more action scenes in La Luna Sangre means expecting more shirtless Tony Labrusca while showing off his fighting skills. That makes the scene more intense.






His serious look, magnified by his mighty aura makes the Supremo the supreme one.




Not to mention his supreme sex appeal that you can’t refuse, especially when he’s shirtless!


WATCH: Sandrino, ginawang bampira si Diana 




We would have that same reaction as Jake’s when you see your love transforms into a beautiful woman! Jake can’t hide how mesmerized he is with Malia’s transformation.




That’s the look when you see a beautiful girl and you see your future, whatever circumstances you’re in, you will face it because you love that person. Right Tristan?


WATCH: Tristan, namangha sa ganda ni Malia 




That moment when you want Tristan to bite you, become a vampire and be part of his world, and his heart.




He may not have six-pack abs, but his action stunts and that bad boy look can make me plead for my life… and not die with kilig.






Can you feel the tension between Jacintha and Sandrino? Only Jacintha can make the Supremo lose his senses and fall into her trap.