Review: Love prevails in La Luna Sangre's epic final battle

It was a night illuminated by the bright full moon, which coincided with the highly anticipated finale of the action fantaseries of La Luna Sangre.

After battling it out against Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez) and his cruel clutch of vampires, the powerful tandem of Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) and Tristan (Daniel Padilla) were able to conquer them through their combined strength and genuine love.

Until the very end, Tristan didn't lose hope that he could change his evil half-brother by persuading him to end the massive, nonsense battle and coordinate with them.

However, Supremo remained tenacious to his evil plans which spawned to well-executed climactic, spine-tingling fighting scenes between him and mighty protagonist that almost killed the latter.

Just when everyone thought that it was going to be a tragic end for the lovers after the enemy stabbed them on their chests and strangled them, the intertwining of their hands revived their energy and powers defeating Sandrino.

As he laid to the ground dying, he was able to profess his love and gratitude to Tristan for saving him from himself before vanishing through a huge explosion -- the scene that truly tugged the heartstrings of the viewers.

Simultaneously, the humans who were hypnotized by Supremo through phone signals came back to their senses while the members of La Liga Unida were able to kill the remaining vampires.

On its last episode, the showrunners were certainly successful in effectuating the over-all essence of teleserye that love is indeed the most powerful gift we could ever have. It also affirmed the notion that kindness and compassion is innate in everyone, even to the most ruthless like Sandrino, who eventually got remorseful of his evil deeds and apologized for them.

The tale concluded with Malia and Tristan overlooking the scenic green pastures, with the former musing about the challenges they overcame hand-in-hand and the realizations she got in the process. This seemed to signify that they already achieved peace and freedom from monstrosity.

Netizens commended the brilliance of the cast, particularly of its topbillers Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, and Richard Gutierrez, via Twitter. Its official hashtag #LaLunaSangreTheFinalBattle racked up 1.14 million tweets as of writing and landed on the second spot of worldwide trending topics.