La Luna Sangre scorches with 3 million tweets in pilot week

La Luna Sangre’s phenomenal start spilled over to social media during the show’s premiere week, with Twitter announcing it had erupted on the social platform registering over three million tweets from June 19-23, 2017.

The pilot episode featured Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) and Lia (Angel Locsin) as the erstwhile most powerful vampire and chosen werewolf to lead their races, had moved on to live a life of a normal mortal family after losing their powers to save their daughter Malia (Erika Clemente). It also introduced Richard Gutierrez as the vicious Sandrino, the supreme leader of vampires, and the cute young Tristan (Justin James Quilantang).

The succeeding episodes focused on this new vampire threat and the prophesy of Malia being the new Chosen One out to vanquish Sandrino. This culminated in the episode #LaLunaSangreAngPaghaharap, wherein the new vampire pack led by Sandrino sought out to kill Malia before the prophesy could be fulfilled. And this led to the annihilation of those protecting Malia, including her parents Lia and Mateo, in the gruesome onslaught. In a statement, Twitter announced the most talked about moments in La Luna Sangre’s pilot week:

1. On its pilot episode (19 June), the flashback of Lobo and Imortal was shown to help viewers remember history of the vampires and werewolves of the show. The group of ‘ang mga bes’ composed of the young Malia and her friends was also introduced, with their cuteness and innocence, as well as acting talent captured the hearts of the viewers. In fact, it generated 180,000 Tweets per minute.



2. Friday night’s action-packed encounter between the good side and the bad side, and the sacrifice of Mateo and Lia to protect their only child Malia captured the heart of the viewers. On 23 June, from 7-8 pm, with its episode #LaLunaSangreAngPaghaharap, it recorded 100,000 Tweets per minute.



3. The prophecy that dictates the fate of Lia and Mateo was revealed. This changed the peaceful and simple life of their family. On this episode last June 20, this destiny was the most talked-about topic on Twitter in the Philippines with more than 80,000 Tweets per minute.



Twitter also revealed the top tweets of the week related to #LaLunaSangre:







Celebrities were also hooked on #LaLunaSangre: