5 spellbinding reasons why “La Luna Sangre” is a must-watch
Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual proved that love conquers all in the 2008 action-fantaserye Lobo when they portrayed Lyka Raymundo (a she-wolf) and Noah Ortega (a soldier), respectively. After three years, the second book opened as Lyka and Noah’s she-wolf daughter Lia (also played by Angel) had an against-all-odds love affair with the vampire Matteo Rodriguez (John Lloyd Cruz) in Imortal. 

Now, all are excited to see how the third book of the unforgettable saga will unfold in the upcoming La Luna Sangre, now top-billed by Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. Here are some of the reasons why this fantasy series is eagerly anticipated:

1. A different KathNiel
We have watched Kathryn and Daniel enamor us with their kilig rom-coms, gripping teleseryes and even nail-biting suspense thrillers. But this is the first time they’ve tried the action-fantasy genre. Definitely, you’ll see a different KathNiel as they play the lead roles of Malia and Tristan. This was apparent in the first teaser of the series, which showed them in a fight scene exhibiting intricate martial arts moves.

2. Richard Gutierrez as villain
We have known Richard Gutierrez as either a superhero or premier lead actor in fantasy dramas. His addition to the La Luna Sangre cast makes it an even more exciting prospect as he plays a villain for the first time. 
Richard will portray Sandrino, the distraught king of vampires. And, with Richard as Sandrino in the latest teaser of the series, he truly made his presence felt as one ruthless and brutal antagonist.

3. John Lloyd and Angel are back
Did the pairing of John Lloyd and Angel in Imortal captivate you? Here’s another chance to witness two of the finest actors team-up once more as they reprise their roles of Lia and Matteo in La Luna Sangre. 
Watching how their story would continue to unfold is something worth the long wait.

4. Breathtaking action/fight scenes
Judging by what Kathryn and Daniel exhibited in the teaser, the series is definitely action-packed. They indicated that they had trained in such martial arts as Wushu, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, and Muay Thai and these will unravel in fight scenes expected to be breathtaking and mesmerizing. 

5. Fascinating tale
Stories about wolves and vampires have always fascinated us in literature and films. As such, La Luna Sangre—similar to Lobo and Imortal—will surely capture our imagination and blow our minds with a larger-than-life depiction of supernatural characters at its fascinating extreme.

How will Lia and Matteo face a new threat in Sandrino? Will this new vampire scourge take a devastating toll? How will Malia and Tristan enter the picture? Know how all of these will unravel in the upcoming premiere of La Luna Sangre, soon on ABS-CBN!