REVIEW: Miyo proves Kathryn’s own exceptional transformation as an actress in ”La Luna Sangre”

While unspeakable loss gripped viewers with the deaths of endearing protagonists, led by the La Liga Unida leader Frederick (Victor Neri) in La Luna Sangre, this week has proven to be an inspirational turn with the transformation of Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) to Miyo in her journey to become the new Chosen one.

It was effectively portrayed and the scenes well conceptualized and executed to bring forth such transcendence.

Viewers were awestruck with how Malia turned into that fiercer alter ego Miyo, now brandishing short hair and a deglamorized look as she disguises as a man, genuinely depicts the struggle such a character goes through. It becomes brazenly identifiable and cunning to see.

But the best part of it was how she did justice to her role, particularly that scene when she single-handedly fought that arrogant man who had hit a pesky kid robber, Kuto, who already apologized for his crime of picking his pocket.

Malia’s fighting skills had turned for the better, showing utmost dexterity and flair in bringing the opponent down, just like those female martial artists of old.

This was borne out of her deep hatred for Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez), the vampire behind her ilk’s misery and suffering. And definitely that fierceness shows! The same goes for Tristan (Daniel Padilla), who continues his vengeful mission to waylay those vampires who killed his father Tonyo (Romnick Sarmenta). We are enthralled at his action sequences, where he proves he is a natural fit for such scenes.

Just like her character Malia, Kathryn Bernardo’s transformation as an actress is truly impressive. She has gone beyond the pretty damsel roles she had portrayed for so long and now is taking characters so far off from her comfort zone. As such, it is quite exciting, especially for her fans, to anticipate her next moves—even as the “Bagong Itinakda” in La Luna Sangre.

We are also excited about what directors Richard Arellano and GB Sampedro and the Star Creatives team could reveal in the breathtaking story that’s taking the nation by storm. Not only because of the assemblage of stars we continue to ogle at, with the addition of Albert Martinez in the vital role of Prof T and Sylvia Sanchez as Dory, Malia’s keeper.

But the action scenes were certainly the most outstanding, thanks to action directors Wang Yan Bin and Lester Pimentel, who really brought the best out of the cast members, most especially Kathryn, in executing those killer moves.

Netizens can’t hide their excitement as well with the turn of events.