What we are all excited to witness on “La Luna Sangre”

Behold one continuing epic series that begins a new chapter.

La Luna Sangre starts on Monday, June 19—a third book of a captivating story that began in 2008 with Lobo and went on with a sequel called Imortal in 2010. Through the years, it narrated a tale of a mythical, supernatural nature, combined with mortal themes that identify with viewers.

Climactic peak

Now this ongoing saga of conflict is set to reach its climactic peak, despite what was believed as a harmonious pact of amity between the werewolves and vampires. This will lead to one epic confrontation for the ages, with two main characters in a culminating final battle during the night of the Blood Red Moon, or La Luna Sangre—the “Supremo” of the evil vampires who believe their kind should rule the world, and the one person prophesized to slay him.

Her name is Malia (Kathryn Bernardo), the only child of Lia (Angel Locsin) and Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz). Despite having been the Chosen werewolf then and the most powerful vampire that were destined to fight to the death, Lia and Mateo proved that it was love that conquers all in Imortal. Malia is what came about from that incredible marriage, and that brought about peace between allied creatures.

As Lia and Mateo lost their powers and were overjoyed with their chance to live a normal family life with their daughter, they would discover something different about Malia that will shatter their dreams as a family and change the course of the child’s life forever. Even as a young tot, Malia has been named in a prophesy as the new Chosen One destined to kill the Supremo of the vampires, Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez), and destroy whatever designs the vampires have in world domination.

Difficult path

She will then tread the most difficult path towards this eventuality, and it will only take the love and faith of people close to her to fulfill this prophesy of killing Sandrino.

But of course Sandrino won’t let that happen.

Sandrino came into this world from out of a heinous crime. He is the son of Magnus (Jake Roxas), a fearsome Supremo vampire who thought his kind was to rule all. But when he was vanquished and killed in Imortal, it was believed that peace will reign forever.

It was when Sandrino, his son by a mortal woman he raped, emerged from seclusion, accepted and was proud of being a vampire, that his father’s dreams lived on. Just like Magnus, Sandrino believed the vampires were the supreme beings and should annihilate those they consider unworthy.

Yet, he was alarmed by prophesy that a new Chosen One Malia will kill him on La Luna Sangre. And this unleashed his frantic search for Malia, whom he wants dead at all costs.


But in addition to all the werewolves, vampires and humans by Malia’s side, yet another character would try his best to offer the Chosen One the protection, solace and strength she needs.

Tristan (Daniel Padilla) might just be your everyday jeepney driver plying his route, but he has a “mission” that only a few know that goes beyond one’s imagination. He is the son of Tonio (Romnick Sarmenta), who like Noah Ortega (Piolo Pascual) in Lobo, is a Luna, a human warrior who clashes against evil vampires or werewolves threatening the peace.

But little did he expect that he will eventually make use of the discipline, skills of a warrior he learned from his father when he meets and falls in love with Malia in a destiny he never dreamed of.


Just like Tristan, those who are behind Malia in her journey would find it really troubling at first, but redeeming in the end. The prophesy of a Chosen One ending the terrible evil that abounds surely is either devastating or uplifting, which way you look at it. While you are afraid of the future, you still believe and love her with all your heart, while knowing the Chosen One would overcome challenges in preparing for that epic battle against Sandrino and let peace reign forever. From Lia and Mateo to the congregation of united, peace-loving vampires and werewolves, La Liga Unida led by Frederick (Victor Neri), there is unwavering hope for Malia, who they will even sacrifice their own lives for.

Who wouldn’t? Coming from a blood line of Chosen Ones—her grandmother Lyka in Lobo and mother Lia in Imortal—who finished off adversaries with all their might, and brought peace and love to all mankind, Malia’s potential is truly worth anybody’s faith in her. And as she learns the skills and heralds the power destined for her, Malia’s march to that epic night of La Luna Sangre will certainly send chills and thrills to everyone as she faces that breed of vicious vampires led by Sandrino to the death. Will peace reign or will the vampires conquer the world? Indeed, the most monumental, epic battle we anticipate on primetime TV!

This incredible story begins Monday, June 19, and airs weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano on Primetime Bida.