PAANDAR 2017: Mind-blowing transformations on La Luna Sangre

There's no doubt why La Luna Sangre became a favorite primetime habit since it started invading our weeknights this year. From the stellar cast to the stunning visual effects, and of course the riveting storyline, we have all been captivated and stunned each weeknight.

But apart from that, what makes us all hooked are the transformations of the main characters from their mortal appearances to being mythical creatures.

Malia to Lobo

Witnessing your loved one in great danger will absolutely push you to the limits of your capabilities and make you do things unimaginable. And this was what happened to Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) upon seeing Tristan (Daniel Padilla) helpless and in great pain in the hands of Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez).

Miyo to Malia

The full moon shines brightly on Malia (as Miyo) as she struggles to stand up and move after being shot at and falling off a cliff. To her surprise, the moonlight restores her to full health, her wounds healed and removes her cover as Miyo. 

Jacintha to Lady in Red

Her grand entrance had set the online world abuzz. Introduced as Jacintha Magsaysay, the leader of Moonchasers, we were surprised when she was revealed as the lady in the red cloak.

Veruska to Halimaw

And the Hybrids exist again. This species are born when a werewolf is infected with a vampire's blood.

The last known ones were Lucas (Rico Blanco) and his minions, which were conquered by the joint forces of the good vampires and werewolves spearheaded by Mateo Rodriguez (John Lloyd Cruz) and Lia Ortega (Angel Locsin).

Miyo to Toni

To be able to spy on the next plans of the enemies, Malia ditched her wig, T-shirt, and shorts disguise as Miyo for an elegant black slip dress perfect for the wicked vampires' formal meeting.

Her surprising fabulous transformation as Toni got her best friend Jake (Tony Labrusca) so smitten with her spellbinding beauty.

Mateo to Vampire


There's no greater love than the affection of parents to their children.

They were living a quiet, normal life until the heinous vampires attacked their community in pursuit of killing the New Chosen One. To protect his family, Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) got himself bitten by Gael (Bryan Santos) in order to become a vampire again to fight the Supremo. 

As the explosive plot progresses, we can’t wait to witness more of these transformations that keeps us glued and blown away.