#ThatMoment! LLS Surprising Revelations

Aside from the extreme action scenes, make-up and visual effects, the unexpected revelations and plot twists in La Luna Sangre made us sit at the edge of our seats every night! 

You still remember those trending moments that made you say, “That Moment!”

That Moment when Samantha’s character returned in the saga and intensified the action scene of the night. This is where most of us wondered why is she still alive.

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That moment also when everyone was clueless when a red lady appeared on the show and started to have a wild guess if who she is.

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And when red lady’s identity was revealed. Half of us were like, “I knew it! Lia is alive!”

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But half of our kapamilyas were confused and started researching about the story of Lia. And true enough, it wasn’t her, it was Jacintha.

WATCH: Sandrino, parang nakakita ng multo sa katauhan ni Jacintha!

We realized LLS isn’t done giving us some interesting #ThatMoment when we are all puzzled about why Jacintha is so attached to Malia. Is she really Jacintha? Or is she someone Malia knows from the past? Or is she Malia? We are really confused. Let’s find out on the next episodes.

WATCH: Jacintha, tuluyan nang naglaho sa harap ni Malia

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And when Tristan became a vampire, we expected that already for he will soon fight Malia. But when Sandrino told Tristan that he’s his brother? That moment is mind-blowing!

WATCH: Sandrino to Tristan: "kadugo kita"

WATCH: Sandrino finally reveals the truth about Tristan's real identity

WATCH: Sandrino, sinabing kapatid niya si Tristan

What’s your LLS #ThatMoment? Share it with us!