La Luna Sangre and The 5 Love Languages


They say our heart can speak a thousand language, and that language is love. It connects different people, links lovers, and most especially, makes us all joyful.


That’s also the most intense language that we’ve all been witnessing in La Luna Sangre, from Mateo’s undying love to Lia, Sandrino’s dedication to the whole coven, to Tristan’s fate to love Malia.


But how do we really translate our love to someone? How will we connect different people, link lovers and make everyone happy? A trending question that most of us ask every Valentine’s day. Thanks to Dr. Gary Chapman, the author who came up with “The 5 Love Languages”.


So enough with the hugot for today and let us help you on how to show these love languages this hearts day, the La Luna Sangre way.


Words of Affirmation


“Mahal Kita.”


There are no other best words to affirm your love to someone than this one. These two words mean a thousand other words of affection to the one that you love. And the best way to say this? Silent night, slow dance, and hands wrapped around each other.



Acts of Service


Most of series’ scenes are full of action, but every move really speaks louder than words, an unvarnished example of this next love language. There are also some sweet scenes wherein love speaks the loudest, and this could be one of the remarkable moments of Malia and Tristan.




Receiving Gifts


Of course, a gift of love could be enough for our significant someone, but a lovely gift will help them feel most loved! And the best way to give this is by surprising them! Like how Tristan surprised his family in this scene:




Quality Time


One of the best quality times is the time you spend with your loved ones, like how Tristan and Malia spend every single moment together. Sharing more moments with your partner fosters your love with each other, then the love you have will be your strength to face the adversities in life.



Physical Touch


This is still the best way of showing your love to someone. Love ignites in a spark made by a touch of two hands. That’s why no matter how fate separates Malia and Tristan, from the touch of their hand, love leads them back together.




Another perfect example for this love language is the final scene of Mateo and Lia where they held hands to show their undying love for each other and for their daughter, Malia, until their last breath.




And that’s the five love languages shown to you by your favorite La Luna Sangre characters! You can now choose your way of showing your love this Valentine’s! If you know more scenes that exactly illustrate the five love languages, Share it to us here!


True love gives us the reason to fight, and the will to live, and true love comes genuinely from your heart. Always remember this as you show some love on the most romantic day of the year.