Why Jake of La Luna Sangre is The ABSolute Guy For You


Every night, when we turn our TV on for La Luna Sangre, and we see the whole pack of wolves gathered together, We know the first thing that comes in your mind – Is Jake going to take off his shirt again and show us his god-given gift – his hot physique (not to mention his abs)? But we know that aside from this, you already fell in love with Tony Labrusca’s character and made him your absolute guy. Let us show you the reasons why.


Your absolute guy can never tell a lie, especially to the girl he likes, Like Jake to Malia.



Your absolute guy never gives up, even if it costs him his life just to save someone he loves.



If someone needs a shoulder to cry on, your absolute guy is always there.



When it comes to protecting his pack, he never thinks twice. He’s ready to fight them all! That’s your absolute guy!



Finally, when Jake loves someone, he is ready to offer his life for her.



Okay, Okay! I know you’ve been howling for this ever since, so here it goes.


Of course, the absolute reason why Jake is your absolute guy is that he has the ABSolute thing we want – his hot werewolf body! He can also show you some fight moves that will make you faint and ask for water. Too much hotness in here!



If Jake/Tony is your ABSolute guy, let me hear you howl! Want more shirtless moments of him in La Luna Sangre? ABSolutely!