Malia Rodriguez: Who she is and how she became the new Chosen One

Malia Rodriguez (Kathryn Bernardo) is the loving, bubbly, and kind daughter of the most powerful vampire Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) and the most dominant werewolf Lia (Angel Locsin). Despite her parents’ status, she was born powerless and it’s really puzzling as she came from the most influential clans of two supernatural beings. Before we find out what happened, let’s get to know who she is and how she came to be.

Lyka and Noah

Her mother Lia is a descendant of the Blancaflors, one of the most influential families of the werewolf clan. Her great grandaunt Elleonora Blancaflor (Sheryl Cruz/Pilar Pilapil) used to be a chief guardian of the Waya council, the organization who defended the pack of werewolves, and she’s the twin sister of her great grandfather Lorenzo Blancaflor (Diether Ocampo). Not long after learning that her husband, Lorenzo, was a werewolf, her great grandmother Savannah (Angel Aquino/Susan Africa) was shocked when he told her that he accidentally killed an innocent man. Thus, she needed to take their daughters to a remote place while Lorenzo was seeking to ask help from his estranged twin Elleonora to save him from imminent punishment, but she couldn’t. Lorenzo got killed and this kept on bugging Elleonora’s conscience so she never stopped searching for the family he left behind. Meanwhile, Savannah kept his husband’s true identity to everyone, even to their daughters, but it was discovered that Lorenzo’s daughter and Lia’s grandmother Vanessa (Agot Isidro) inherited werewolf tendencies when she turned 21 years old.

During those times, Vanessa had a fiancé Emilio Ortega (Bobby Andrews). In her pursuit of protecting her loved ones, she called off their engagement but failed to spare Savannah from her murderous nature and killed her own mother in her struggle to control her powers. Emil searched for Nessa in hopes of reconsidering her decision but he ended up witnessing her transformation into a wolf. Since then, the two never saw each other again.

After that incident, Nessa lived a solely in a secluded place where she met Nicholas Raymundo (Kier Legaspi) who had a huge admiration for her. Something unexpected happened between them and Lyka/Ulay (Sharlene San Pedro) was born. Even if he knew Nessa and Lyka were werewolves, Nicholas didn’t change and even protected them from townsfolk who wanted them dead. As they charged, his wife and daughter successfully fled and faced the angry mob to his death.

Nessa decided to return to her hometown where she crossed paths with her first love Emil, who was then a scientist, and their kids Ulay and Jay-Jay or Noah (Jacob Dionisio) developed a pleasant bond as well. Nessa left Ulay in the care of her half-sister Clara (Irma Adlawan) and declined to rekindle her relationship with Emil and his offer to cure her condition. Worse, Nessa ended up accidentally killing him Emil and she was shot that same night by the Lunas headed by Dr. Vivian Lee (Maritoni Fernandez). With both their parents gone, Jay-jay and Ulay was forcibly separated by their relatives.

Many years had passed, Lyka became a fashion assistant in the House of Elle, owned by Manolo Sebastian (Robert Arevalo) and headed by her grandaunt Elleanora or Lady Elle. On the other hand, Noah became a second lieutenant of the Philippine Army and got involved in the battle between the Luna and the Waya. It was through the House of Elle where the two estranged childhood friends crossed paths again as Noah became Lady Elle’s personal bodyguard and driver, and later on became lovers. Their relationship might have been ruined by Lyka’s secret, which Noah seemed to never accept, but their intense love for each other proved that their bond was stronger than the decree of fate. And Lia was born.

Lia and Mateo

The relentless battle between vampires and werewolves began centuries ago. And in the new millennium, Lia and Mateo’s love for each other successfully put an end in the two immortal clans’ rivalry.

The Taong Lobos were the human protectors when the vampires invaded the land, until they agreed to form an army that would destroy the vampires. Because of this heightened force, the blood drinkers were no match to their alliance, so their clan fell. The ones who survived hid and since then, the lives of the werewolves and the humans became peaceful again.

Originally, Mateo’s father Roman Rodriguez (Jomari Yllana) was a normal human living in the 1800s until he pleaded to the vampire Magnus Imperial (Jake Roxas) not to take his life for the sake of his son. Magnus heeded to his request and converted him into a vampire instead. However, Roman opposed his crusade against werewolves and remained to live a quite normal life. A hundred years went by, Magnus was still desperate to have the child prophesied to be their clan’s savior, while Roman had a son with her mortal wife Ceres (Precious Lara Quigaman) and named him Mateo. At the same time, Lyka gave birth to Lia, her daughter with Noah (Piolo Pascual). The two would turn out to lead their respective clans – Lia, the Chosen one to lead the werewolves and Mateo, the “savior” who commanded the vampires – and the most anticipated epic battle would draw them closer as the powers lying dormant in both of them began to unleash. But a strange thing called love blossomed between them and their union spearheaded the war between the congregation of the three races (humans, werewolves, and vampires), and the forces of the powerful beast Lucas Teodoro (Rico Blanco) whom they defeated in the end.


As peace emerged among the three clans, La Liga Unida was established and was ruled by Lia and Mateo. But the two needed to step down from their posts after their supernatural powers vanished and they became mortals after Malia (Kathryn) was born. The administration was bequeathed to Frederick Arguelles (Victor Neri) and his wife Veruska (Ina Raymundo).

The couple thought that they’re going to live the life that they’ve been hoping for until a prophecy crushed their dreams as a family. According to the prophecy related by the seer Jethro Kabigting (Dino Imperial), Malia, the offspring of the most powerful vampire and the chosen werewolf, is destined to kill the supreme vampire bearing a cursed ink, Sandrino (Richard Guttierrez), on the night of the Blood Moon (or La Luna Sangre, to which the title is derived). Sandrino is hailed as the new king or “supremo” of the vampires being the child of Magnus. The slain erstwhile supreme vampire, however, didn’t know Sandrino was his son since the vampire child was kept in seclusion by his human mother. But Magnus very well knew about his daughter named Samantha (Maricar Reyes), Sandrino’s half-sister, who also plotted against the Taong Lobos in Imortal.

Afraid for his life and supremacy to be ended, Sandrino deployed his minions to search and slay Malia. But her doting parents and their allies did not let this happen so they courageously fought the enemies and many died, including Lia and Mateo. The poor girl was saved by Baristo (Joross Gamboa) and other members of the La Liga Unida, and this what made her more persistent to unleash her hidden powers.

The Supremo assumed that he was able to kill Malia so the young girl had to secretly live with her parents’ friends Lydia (Nikki Valdez) and Baristo, and strenuously train with their other confederates under vampires Gael (Bryan Santos) and Miguel (Michael Agassi). Staying in the camp has been tough for Malia as she got pressured to impress and gain the trust of the elders and Cattleya’s (Sue Ramirez) clique that she is indeed the New Chosen One. However, the support of the people around her, including her friend Jake Arguelles (Tony Labrusca) who has special feelings for her, made her perseverant and optimistic.

They all believed that she would be able to reveal her powers as the chosen one by the time she reached her 21st birthday, but unfortunately she couldn’t. Due to humiliation, she left their pack for Manila to lead a new life. Malia then met a family living in the slums, known as the Pamilyang Nag-aampon, headed by Lucy (Meryl Soriano) and Bert (Dennis Padilla), who warmly welcomed her.

Fate then brought together once more Malia and Tristan (Daniel Padilla), son of the vanquished Luna, Tonio (Romnick Sarmenta), years after their first encounter as blissful kids in the barrio, when they met under the full moon not knowing their names and felt a certain tingling force as they try to hold each other. Their second meeting would change their lives forever.