Everything we need to know about Tristan Torralba

He is a streetwise, gumptious, witty, and charming young man plying the city streets of Sampaloc, Manila as a jeepney driver. Yes, Tristan Torralba (Daniel Padilla) is living proof that “Basta Driver, Sweet Lover”.  However, our dashing leading man is not actually a full-pledged Manilenyo, as he was born and raised in a peaceful barrio. Let’s all find out how he set his foot in the muddled and raucous urban scene.

Tristan is the son of Antonio “Tonio” Torralba (Romnick Sarmenta), a former Luna. His bravery and dexterity in using weapons against those who attempted to hinder the rapport among the three races La Liga Unida was campaigning was indeed formidable, earning him and his wife Rica Sison (Tanya Garcia) the recognition and becoming the second greatest defender of their organization.

However, when they decided to have a family, he retired from being a Luna in order to protect his wife and future kids from the possible turmoil that might occur between the vampires and werewolves. Aside from that, his parents Mang Gabriel (Noel Trinidad) and Aling Pina (Debraliz) also didn’t know about his secret duty.

He thought everything would turn out well for his growing family, but Rica suddenly left him and their very young children Tristan and Apple (Maymay Entrata) without any word. He became stricter to them, especially to his son, teaching him how to be a responsible and courageous brother for his younger sister. He often reprimanded and beat Tristan whenever he didn’t obey to his commands but his loving sister Bettina/Betty (Gelli de Belen) was always there to rescue and comfort his poor nephew.

When the prophecy broke out about the newest ‘Chosen One’, vampires led by Supremo Sandrino (Richard Guttierrez) invaded their quiet barrio to search for Lia (Angel Locsin) and Matteo’s (John Lloyd Cruz) daughter Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) and killed many residents, including Tonio who was saving Tristan.

Since his demise, Tonio’s family was taken care of by Betty who later on wasn’t able to stop Rica’s younger sisters to bring Tristan to Manila where he’s given proper education and has found better opportunities.

Growing up in Manila, he was under the “guidance” of the Sison Sisters, namely Summer (Desiree del Valle), Spring (Joan Bugcat), and Winter (Alora Sasam), who operate a boarding house, a jeepney franchise, and the 4 Seasons Repair Shop where Tristan works and befriends chief mechanic Noel “Doc” Domingo (Randy Santiago) and his assistants Bogart (Hyubs Azarcon) and Porky. Among the three aunts, it was Summer who’s the most domineering as she grew bitter after the responsibility of heading the family was passed on to her when their eldest Rica left for Tonio. On the other hand, Spring is the most lenient and affectionate to Tristan for she knows that he is actually good but refrains to contradict Summer due to “debt of gratitude” after she took care of her throughout her depression after losing her true love Tonio to Rica.

Eventually, Tristan’s family in the province moved to Manila as well and his younger sister Apple pursued her college education in the city, where she’s going to meet Collin (Edward Barber). Having huge differences in attitude, frequent clashes between his two aunts, Betty and Summer, will be expected.

Since Tristan has been blaming himself for his father’s early and unforeseen death, his eagerness to seek justice and vengeance against the vampire who attacked them many years ago remain constant. And this will lead him to meet the Moon Chasers, a group who intends to chase supernatural beings, comprised by Neri, Cyrus, Tere, Gino, and Romeo.

And eventually, Tristan will meet Malia again years after they first met as kids in the barrio fields under the full moon, where they felt a connection between them through a tingling force. This fateful encounter will change their lives forever.