Why does Kris Aquino not want to be given hydrangeas and yellow tulips?
Kris Aquino, Carmina Villaroel-Legaspi and K Brosas visited a flower shop on today’s episode of Kris TV.

Because of this, Kris shared her research on the meanings of flowers and their colors. She said that a yellow or greenish rose means friendship, joy and jealousy while a Calla Lily and Galax means beauty and encouragement respectively. Meanwhile, a pink flower signifies perfect happiness whereas tulips means love and passion.

Further, Kris said that she does not want to be given a hydrangea for it means, ‘thank you for understanding.’ Moving on, peony means happy marriage while Kris said not to give yellow tulips for it signifies hopeless love. On the other hand, red tulips stands for, ‘this is my true declaration of love.’ According to the TV host, roses mean happiness, if in deep pink, it means thankfulness. White roses, on the other hand, symbolize innocence and purity.

Kris continued on with pale pink roses that symbolize grace and joy whereas roses and ivy mean happiness, love and fidelity.  A peach and orange rose both signify desire and enthusiasm, only orange also means fascination. Meanwhile, lavender means love and devotion, Casa Blanca means celebration and Carnation means devoted love, fascination and bravery.

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