Medics check on Pokwang while taping for Kris TV
On Kris TV, Pokwang suddenly felt dizzy while dining with Kris Aquino, K Brosas, Karla Estrada and her “Edsa Woolworth” leading man, Lee O Brian.

Just as when they were about to see how the Filipino restaurant, Salusalo makes their Vegetable Lumpia, Kris called for medics to check on Pokwang who suddenly felt dizzy.

“Ang bilis lang umikot ng…” said the actress-comedian who was given an ointment while waiting for the medic to check on her blood pressure.

Meanwhile, Kris, K and Karla teased her about being pregnant, which Pokwang just made fun of their jokes.   

Pokwang and Kris also recalled the first time that the Edsa Woolworth star had her BP checked on the show as well, which was on an episode where they were at an amusement park.

Explaining what happened, Pokwang described, “Basta umikot lang bigla nung pagtayo ko eh.”

The nurse then said that her BP which was 90/70 is low while her pulse remained at a normal rate. Hence, the hosts thought that she was just probably lacking sleep so the medic advised Pokwang to rest and see a doctor to know the real cause of her dizziness.

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