Kris Aquino reveals she prays for a peaceful heart

Kris visited the San Vicente Ferrer Church and later was asked what her usual prayer intentions are. “More than any intention, I always say thank you. Nag-tethank you ka talaga yung this show, Aquino and Abunda, all the opportunities na dumadating pero pinakafirst thank you ko is thank you for giving me good sons tapos secondary na yun ano, tapos thank you dun sa syempre sa material blessings, di naman tayo plastic. Thank God for that. And then, ayon thank you for the work that I love tapos ayon thank you na we’re safe kasi diba dapat parati mo raw ipagpapasalamat yun. Tapos pinepray ko of course si Noy, pinepray ko yung sisters ko, tapos pinepray ko yun ano, mapayapang puso ko,” said Kris.

Meanwhile, Pokwang shared the angel brooch that she wears during flights and that it shows her trust in God to keep them safe. If Kris prayed for a peaceful heart, Pokwang prayed for a, “bukas na puso.”

While in the church, Kris also said special prayers for Kris TV Head Writer Darla Sauler who has leukemia and for Pokwang to have happiness and lasting love.  

For the rest of the trip, Kris and Pokwang roamed around the province of Batanes, to enjoy its breathtaking landscapes.

The Batanes adventure continues tomorrow, March 11.