Kim and Kris discover the meaning of gemstones
Kris Aquino and Kim Chiu continued their gastronomic adventure on Kris TV.

Kris and Kim went to Locavore, where they bonded with restaurant owners, Alta and Kristine.

One of the topics they talked about were gem stones. Kris read to them what certain stones mean.

According to her, Rhodochrosite encourages balance in feelings of love and increases acceptance. She read that it also promotes friendship and romance.

Red tourmaline, which Kris wore as a necklace, is said to increase feelings of romance and is good for anyone who feels bitter by failed romantic relationships. Moreover, it can open a possibility for a healthy, long lasting love.

Aquamarine, on the other hand, gives courage and protection. She said that Kim needs this as it can protect from psychic negativities and energetic attacks.

Citrine is said to provide stability and wealth. It provides energy to finish projects, emotional health, gives focus and increases wealth when placed over money.

The traveller’s stone, Moonstone, increases a person’s level of intuition. Further, Kris said that Moonstones help regulate women’s menstrual period.

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